Headscratchers / Ojamajo Doremi

  • This might be because anything after the original Ojamajo Doremi counts as a Post-Script Season, but one thing that really bugged me was the Queen election system via the MAHO Dou. In episode 20, Majo Rika wanted to keep the shop because it's tradition that whoever owns the shop ends up becoming The High Queen of the Witch World. All of that is completely forgotten about by Sharp, where it's decreed that the babies born from the Witch Queen Rose will become the Queen, i.e. Hana. You could say that every millenia when this doesn't happen, people would probably use the election system but given the lifespan of witches, it doesn't seem likely.
  • Would Tamaki become a witch apprentice had she successfully said "Are you guys witches?" If not, who would?
  • Since the anime is aimed towards kids, there's bound to be some headscratchers if things are taken too seriously. The Dokkan ending would lead people into thinking whether the decision and those tears were actually necessary/justified, and then into problems like: What's the big deal about the 'grudge' between humans and witches, besides issues on the witches' side like the longevity of stubborn witches? Analysis: First the concerns about magic not being accepted among humans. C'mon, how long has it been since the Witch Trial era? In present time there are many things no less controversial than magic, like nuclear energy; while magic would probably even help make huge breakthroughs in certain fields (like energy, or imagine if 'Pororin Pyuarin Hana Hana Pi, I want the proof of the Riemann conjecture to appear' is actually possible) with its great potential. Second argument: 'Humans should know how to handle magic correctly before they use magic'. This is ridiculous in two senses: 1, throughout history these things can only be fully learnt after utilising them. And 2, the goal that the human world shall become a world full of 'friendship and love' is unrealistic: By then we aren't even in serious need of social systems anymore. Meanwhile, a monarchy like that of the Witch World is actually a terrible model in disguise... and with the longevity of witches, even moral values among them would develop slowlier than humans if the worlds are separated. And as of Ojamajo Doremi 16, it's implied that the Witch World is already lagging behind in technology too. So the final nail: What good would it do for the witches themselves and the future of the two worlds, if the witches still refuse to open up to humans?