Funny / Norbit

  • Crowning Moment of Funny: Rape is NOT okay when it's female on male. That being said, "HAPPY PRESIDENT'S DAYYYYYYY!" was kinda funny.
    • "GOD bless America!"
    • "Let me tell you, just between the two of us, I can't keep Norbit off me! Boom, bam, boom boom! But I ain't mad at him. Heyyy."
    • "Right in the blow hole!"
  • When Rasputia slides on the water slide..that is all.
  • Pretty much everything Katt Williams' character says. Especially at the wedding.
  • Mr. Wong steals every scene he's in.
  • When Norbit is about to warn Kate about Rasputia's death threat, he suddenly hears the telltale ominous, massive creaking and groaning of the floor above him as Rasputia approaches the window.
  • When Rasputia arrives at the church, she finds to her dismay that she was too late to catch Norbit and Kate. She swears, before suddenly reacting in horror as you shouldn't swear in church. She swears again, and then swears at herself for swearing again and again...
  • Norbit expressing his rage about Rasputia during a children's puppet show.
    Mr. Wong: This remind me of Chinese snuff film I once costar in!
  • When Norbit arrives at the church to stop the wedding, and the entire choir gets up and sings his name.
  • The cartoonish way that Rasputia runs when Wong harpoons her ass.