Awesome / Norbit

  • Norbit calling Rasputia the "Queen of Whores" after finding out she cheated on him, after leading the viewer to think he was too much of a Henpecked Husband to say that.
  • Norbit riding a bicycle to crash the wedding.
  • Norbit telling Rasputia off.
  • When Norbit's plan to prove Deion's gold digging fails due to a paper getting destroyed, he reveals that he called all of Deion's exes! This, in turn, foils Rasputia's plan.
  • Mr. Wong throwing a whaling spear at Rasputia's butt!
    • Any time Mr. Wong stands up to the Latimore Brothers, considering he is the only one in town brave enough to the very end.
  • The townspeople chasing Rasputia and her brothers out of town.
  • When Norbit and Kate get married... also a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.