Funny / Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation

  • In the first episode, the Shredder is not happy that his Foot ninja were beaten by Raph and Splinter. One Foot's whiny excuse, "But the rat had a stick" only makes the Shredder angrier; "And what did the turtle have, a pink flower!?" and after he dismisses his men;
    Shredder: (disgusted) "But the rat had a stick"…ugh!
  • The Humiliation Conga that the Dragon Lord suffers in the episode "King Wick". After Wick gains new powers from ingesting a magic serum, the small dragon sorcerer steals Dragon Lord's powers, overthrows him as leader of the Rank, and has everyone refer to him as "Weenie".
  • In "Turtles' Night Out", A member of the Unknowables gang flirts with Venus by asking her what she has under her shell. Her response: "Mace".
  • In his first appearance, Dr. Quease is defeated when Michelangelo hooks the doctor's brain into his video game and controls him like a puppet.
  • In "Silver and Gold," Michelangelo is stunned to meet Silver.
    Michelangelo: Monkey! Big monkey! Big talking monkey!
    Silver: And you're a talkin' turtle. Let's call it a draw.
  • King Wick was a good one!