Funny / Nip/Tuck

  • Yo Stank by Hot Coco.
    • Followed by Linda muttering the chorus over and over again to herself after the song ends.
  • Richard Burgi fucking a couch.
  • Mrs. Grubman and her elderly fiance's lovemaking. "When we come together, it's like The Pit and the Pendulum."
  • Sean as Drunken Mall Santa.
  • When Escobar tells his henchmen to stop screwing around with the lotions ("You smell like a couple of panty liners!"), the long-haired fellow sniffs his wrist and holds it out for his cohort to sniff.
  • Jenny Jugs.
  • Gina’s a lot alike speech to Christen where she say’s the only difference between them is that she takes responsibility for her actions. Considering that she could be the new trope codifier for Never My Fault that statement was hilarious