Awesome / Nip/Tuck

  • In a Meta example, that this show has won Emmy awards for its excruciatingly realistic and well-executed surgery scenes.
  • Drs. MacNamara and Troy spend much of the first season being blackmailed and threatened by druglord Escobar Gallardo. In the season finale, he makes them give him extensive facial reconstruction, body work, hair transplantation, and a MASSIVE amount of tattoo removal, because he is now on the Most Wanted list. They do so, making him look exactly like some EVEN HIGHER UP the Most Wanted list. Needless to say, when Escobar attempts to leave the country, it doesn't go well. Of course, this comes back in later seasons to kick them in the ass, but still...
    • Another Escobar moment: When he's doing his Faux Affably Evil thing and insults Liz, his wife, on the table about to have her tortured breasts reconstructed, forces him to apologize. Mrs Escobar is the only person more terrifying than her husband!
  • You have to hand it to Christian in the season three finale, where he's willing to mutilate himself and jeopardize his medical career, possibly his life, to save Sean from the Carver.