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Heartwarming: Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation
  • In "Turtles' Night Out", Splinter requests to have the radio tuned in to Michelangelo's radio show.
    Raphael: I thought you hated Michelangelo's radio show.
    Splinter: But I don't hate Michelangelo.
  • Venus' monologue at the end of the final part of "Unchain My Heart", where she states that while her surrogate father Chung I is now dead, she will always see Splinter and the other four turtles as family.
  • The final episode, "Who Needs Her", focuses on the Turtles mentioning how bad things have happened since Venus joined their ranks, such as her actions bringing them at odds with the series' rogues gallery. Eventually, however, they remember the redeeming qualities of their new member right as she's been captured by the Rank. Remembering how Venus cares for them and was always by their side to aid in their problems, the Turtles go on to infiltrate the Dragon Lord's lair and rescue Venus. It ends with the reunited Turtles happy that they are a family.
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