Funny / Night Lords

The Night Lords may be terror eating murderers, but Emperor damn us if they aren't hilarious at times.

  • In Soul Hunter, when Vraal goes to the Hall of Remembrance to prevent Malcharion's revival:
    Of course, this new plan to awaken Malcharion had to be put down with tact.
    With nuance.
    With subtlety.
    Vraal's claws slid from the sheaths on his gauntlets. They sparked and crackled, wreathed in killing lightning.
    "Brothers!" he called joyously into the vox. "Everyone in this room is going to die!"
  • Most of Cyrion's dialogue. Whether he's speaking to a squad mate, a human slave, or a renowned Chaos warlord, he'll snark. Magnificently. And he even snarks at the prospect of his own death, noting with a little satisfaction that he won't have to listen to his squadmate's whining.
    • During a deployment to besiege a Forge City, the squad leader Talos suffers a seizure and psychic vision and they abort their drop til he recovers. When the Exalted demands that they go into battle, Cyrion sarcastically comments that the Squad Gunship is still available and the Exalted can use that if he wants a closer look.
  • When Octavia is riding in the boarding tube with the Boarding Party going to capture the Echo of Damnation, she talks about what it's like with an unspecified Legionary (most likely Cyrion, judging by the dialogue):
    Octavia: Is it always like this?
    Legionary: Yes. Always. Except Uzas is usually screaming about blood, and Xarl likes to howl.
    Legionary: See?
    [Xarl begins howling]
  • Mercutian's griping about the Genesis Company Champion's thunder hammer attacks:
    Talos: You're lucky it was a glancing hit.
    Mercutian: It feels like I've been run over by a Land Raider
    Talos: That's how you know it was a glancing hit.
  • After being judged by Talos, Uzas is sentenced to stain his gauntlets red, as a sign of shame and a belated execution. It's a powerful moment when he looks down and sees his hands for the last time in Midnight Clad, then wonders with some confusion where he's going to find red paint.
  • Sevatar himself is a veritable mountain of snark.
    • When Sevatar is informed the highest ranking survivor of their Navy has returned:
    Taye: Commodore Yul is aboard, alive and well
    Sevatar: That makes him the new fleet admiral. Offer him my insincere congratulations on a rank he earned purely by being the last naval officer standing.
    • Upon being captured by Dark Angels, the first thing that Sevetar does is to melt the walls with his acid saliva. When the Dark Angels come to check on him, he points to the hole and casually tells them this:
    Sevatar: I think rats did it. Big ones.
    • It's completely indicative of his personality that he doesn't even bother trying to escape, even though he could have done so. He did it just to be a nuisance (and get moved to a communal cell).
    • When he tells Ekra Trez, the Sin-Eater,note  to leave the Primarch's chambers:
    Sevatar: My brothers are gathering here this eve. Be somewhere else.
    Trez: Where should I go?
    Sevatar: An intriguing question. The answer is that I don't care. Go anywhere that isn't here.
    • When arguing without the Kyroptera about abandoning the Thramas Crusade:
    Malithos: Sevatar, are you mad?
    Sevatar: I don't think so. I feel fine.
    • Later, after Sevatar has the Atramentar kill Malithos and Cel Herec:
    Var Jahan: Sevatar, you are insane.
    Sevatar: So I am often told.