Funny / Newsies

  • When Jack suggests he and David partner up to sell papers, David laughs incredulously and Jack promptly mocks the laugh.
  • When looking at their picture in the newspaper:
    Mush: Hey look at ya, Jack! You look like a gentleman!
    Jack: Will you please get your fingers off my face?
    Spot: Where's my name? Where's it say my name?
  • A lot of the banter between the newsies in the first number counts as this. For example:
    Kid Blink:(singing) I smell money!
    Crutchy:(singing) You smell foul!
  • "Hey, we ain't scared a' Brooklyn! Spot Conlon... makes us a little nervous.''
  • Pulitzer imitating an adding machine when calculating the profit he could make from raising the price of the newspaper. And the annoyed look his aide gives him.
  • The many ways they make puns off of Pulitzer's newspaper being called The World. At one point, even Pulitzer unintentionally invokes A God Am I when ranting about how "...when I created The World..."
    • Not to mention his aid rolling his eyes at that particular pun.
  • When David and Jack are talking in front of the World building-
    Jack: We gotta get the word out to all the newsies in New York! I need some of those...I dunno, what do you call 'em?
    Random newsie offscreen: Whatever you want!
    David: Uh...ambassadors?
    Jack: Right. You guys, you gotta be ambastards and go tell the others that we're on strike!''
  • From the stage musical, "Watch What Happens", where Katherine keeps alternating between singing about what a great story it's going to be, and how she has no idea how she's going to put it together. Often alternating between the two themes in the middle of a rapid-fire verse. Any writer, or really anyone facing some great task, can get a sympathetic laugh from this song. It only becomes funnier when she segues onto a train of thought revolving around her Belligerent Sexual Tension with Jack.
    Katherine: Poor little kids versus rich greedy sour pusses
    Ha! It's a cinch!
    It could practically write itself—
    And let's pray it does, cause as I may have mentioned,
    I have no clue what I'm doing.
  • The reprise of the song is similarly funny, now a duet with Jack and David arguing over whether they should quit or keep fighting after the strike takes a turn for the worse:
    Davey:: Exactly
    So here's how it goes once we win
    And we will be winning
    Make no mistake
    [A few verses later...]
    Jack: Dave, what the hell?
    did they bust up your brains or somethin'?
    As I recall Dave we all got our asses kicked