Funny / Narbonic

  • Basically every single strip, but this conversation stands out:
    Helen: "Dave, we need to talk."
    Dave: "Uh oh. Is this about the sentient meme that took over the net in Blue Sector and keeps threatening to vaporize us via spy satellite?"
    Helen: "No! This isn't about the sentient meme! I didn't even know there was a sentient meme!"
    Dave: "Oh...good."
    Helen: "On second thought, let's make this about the sentient meme."
    Dave: "It was supposed to be a Serenity personality quiz! I meant no harm!"
  • Or, when Dave's come unstuck in time:
    Six Year Old Dave: "I can't handle being a kid! Anything but six years old..."
    (time shift)
    High School Gym Coach: "And we are going to stay here until each and every one of you maggots gives me fifty chin ups!"
    Sixteen Year Old Dave: "Let me rephrase that..."
  • Mell's only personality sprite:
    Sprite: "Kill...kill...kill..."
  • The first Sunday strip, "Evil Coffee", features Helen going off on a rant on the subject of the morality of coffee . The best part is the use of the phrase "Nietzchean Super Coffees", made all the better by the fact that it's misspelt.
  • When Dave finds out he's been volunteered to test Helen's time machine:
    Dave: "I'd complain more, but this is probably the closest to a vacation I'm going to get this year."
    Helen: "I thought the Moon was your vacation."
  • Helen and Madblood's first meeting, fighting over an ancient crystal:
    Madblood: "Theftbot! The crystal!"
    (Theftbot grabs at the crystal Helen's holding)
  • Mel discovers Madblood has three whole floors devoted to weapons development:
  • At one point, Mel tells Caliban that she has to go on a Black Ops mission that she can't talk about:
    Caliban: "We'd better have sex tonight."
    Mel: "Because I might die and we'll never see each other again?"
    Mel: "You know, Caliban, sooner or later you have to get over the fact that you have a body."
    Caliban: "I have. Now I can't get over the fact that you have one."
  • After Artie's been temporarily given Dave's body (long story), he finally snaps at Mel's incessant chatter and shouts at her to shut up while shaking her like a rag-doll. This prompts the following exchange:
    Artie: "Ye gods how I've longed to be able to do that!"
    Mel: "I'll be remembering this day's work when you're fun-size again, buddy."
  • Helen decides to deal with her frustrations in having to dump/fire Dave by eating six pints of half-baked ice cream and blowing up Ecuador.
    Mel: I hate it when she comes up with nonviolent solutions behind my back.
    Artie: No kidding. That's my ice cream.
  • Mel's half-week-long rendition of the Patton speech, to an army of killer robots. Especially Hilarious in Hindsight, since this seems to mark the point where Mel first gets interested in politics.