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Funny: Namesake
  • After a creepy run in with the Ghost that leaves more questions than answers, the very first panel is Emma waking up and hitting her head against Warrick’s.
  • Any time Emma, Warrick, Ben or Elaine snark.
  • When Warrick tries wake Emma up, only to be zapped for his trouble.
    Agha: That looked painful.
    Warrick: It was.
  • Nose sucks several Calliope members, plus Elaine, Ben and Fred, into the Genie's bottle - and someone extra.
    Fish: Nose, you bastard.
  • Even better on that page is Fred's reaction to where they've landed - staring at the sky utterly dumbfounded, mouth hanging open, with both knives unsheathed and a "..." speech bubble over his head. According to Isa, he doesn't know what to stab.
  • Any instance of Fred patting someone on the head or back is a combination of cute and just funny. Particularly because the first time he does it, it's to comfort Elaine, who has suddenly glomped him - and the second time is for Alice, who he seems to view as a superior officer. Both times, he has the exact same expression.
    • Also Fred trying out things from the real world for the first time - grilled cheese, beds, you name it.
  • Elaine's list of Jack's offenses, which include "book defiler" and "corrupter of minors".
  • Agha and Warrick, taking a break from curse research, plop down under a tree and start discussing a fantasy book series.
    Warrick: That was hideous. I thought my brain was going to run off to join my heart.
  • The first time Elaine met Ben. I am the Pancake king!!
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