Heartwarming / Narbonic

  • Meta-example: The cartoonist met her future husband because of her work on the webcomic, a story which is told through some of the creator's commentary and a few of the Sunday strips (including the absence of one).
  • Future Mell: "This is to save Artie."
  • "But I don't want to forget her"
  • We're friends, right? Yes, friends...."
  • After Mell gets kicked out of both Heaven and Hell (and after the "happy you have a body again" sex), Mell tells Caliban that since they've both been kicked out of both afterlives, whatever happens after they die, they'll face it together.
  • Mell's reaction when Artie was about to die.
  • All through the series, Zeta felt a connection to the main characters. As it turns out, she was right. Zeta was Helen's fifth-grade science fair project. They finally meet at the end of the next-to-last chapter.
    Zeta: Nice to finally meet you, Mom.
    Helen: You know, Artie won't call me that at all.
  • The entire, long-running meta-arc romance between Helen and Dave is occasionally heartwarming.