Funny / My Little Pony Meets

  • From Wreck-It Ralph meets My Little Pony
    • Five words: Pinkie Pie in Sugar Rush. You can easily tell how that ends up.
    • When Pinkie meets most of the racers in Sugar Rush, she starts to imagine them as candies, Hilarity Ensues as she begins to attack the racers and its citizens as she tries to eat them.
      • Expecially after seh spits out Sour Bill, he comments so he was violated once again and runs off crying.
    • After Vanellope is told of Pinkie Pie antics, she at first laughs at the claims wondering how a horse can do such damage, then it cuts as she stares in shock at the damage Pinkie did.
    • What does Pinkie do after Vanellope tells her to leave?, she simply licks her.
    • Ralph's "Really?" after he simply sees Pinkie trying to take a bite from an jawbreaker. After Vanellope told him that Pinkie was causing havoc on Sugar Rush.
    • While running away from Ralph, Pinkie breaks the fourth wall as she gets out of the video and lands on the Youtube page, as she switches to an Deadpool video, Deadpool notices this and switches back to the Wreck-It Ralph meets My Little Pony video.
    • Pinkie screaming like a pig and shooting at Ralph with her Party cannon.
    • Lyra and Bob Bon getting barfed accidentally by Pinkie Pie.
  • From Elsa meets My Little Pony
    Applejack: Yes, and I'll do it again! (smacks her again, before moving on)
  • Just the idea alone of having Batman in a cheerful and colorful place like Ponyville.
  • Applebloom and Batman throwing everything from apples and batarangs to Diamond Tiara and boulder at The Joker
  • General Zod being turned into a bunny, then ending up in the possession of Fluttershy.
    • Bunny Zod meeting Angel.
    Angel: [angrily stares at Zod]
    Zod: '''KNEEL!!!'''
  • The beginning of the Pokémon video.
  • Once again, the Wonderbolts fail epically at saving Ponyville from a rampaging monster, complete with Lampshade Hanging from Spitfire and Soarin'.
  • Apparently, ponies are controlled by the emotions from Inside Out.
  • The entirety of the video with Homestar Runner, but especially Strong Bad's reaction to meeting Twilight.
    Twilight: (as Strong Bad lays on the floor and convulses) Yeah, that's the reaction I'd expect from a non-pony.