Funny / Muppets Tonight

  • When the now-heavyweight Martin Short goes into his dance number, Nigel can barely show his surprise.
    Nigel: Oh, good grief. Does he look a tad heavier to you?
    Rizzo: Define 'tad'.
    Nigel: About two tons!
    Rizzo: Then yes, I'd say he looks a 'tad' heavier.
    • Then Martin dances with Ms. Piggy;
    Nigel: Next to him, even Ms. Piggy seems thin.
    Rizzo: Come off it, he's not that big.
    Piggy: I heard that!
  • At the end of one episode, Miss Piggy wakes up during a flight to see something on the wing, and she freaks out. Meanwhile, seated next to her is William Shatner, who tries to calm her down by saying, "Oh, that guy. I've been complaining about him for years; no one does anything about it."
  • The 'Lion Sleeps Tonight' sketch, where the singing is actually keeping the titular lion awake, to the point where he chases the other animals off the stage. And onto Clifford.
    • At one point, when the lion starts chasing the singing animals off the stage, if you listen closely, he shouts "Stop singing, Ernie! Stop it"
      • Thats probably a veeeery inside baseball reference to Ernie Sabella, the voice of Pumba in The Lion King.
  • One of the "Tales from the Vet" sketches ends with Mulch playing The Patty Duke Show theme instead of the usual Tales from the Vet theme.
  • In the Heather Locklear episode, Heather is hypnotized so that she switches from good to evil at the sound a double-clang. In the final number, Kermit keeps making that same noise with his cane. At one point, Heather begins hitting baby rabbits with her umbrella. Rizzo comments, "We're gonna hear from people."
  • The Andie MacDowell episode, particularly Bunsen coping with a mid-life crisis with the absence of Beaker, who is out on a Star Trek cruise bearing George Takei's constant egotistic talking. Then it ends on Takei and Beaker stranded in a frozen island. As Beaker finally teleports away, Takei moans how annoying Beaker was, until he continues his rambling to a nearby penguin.
    • Bunsen getting left with a sad and lonely man, figuratively and literaly, with the random appearance of Ben Stein in his cabinet.
    • "Pretty Bunsen".
  • They keep trying to get Garth Brooks to do a country song. However, they forgot to mention which country... cue "If I Were A Rich Man".
    • Special mention must go to the sight of the then-multi Platinum-selling country singer in full kabuki garb and makeup.
  • From the episode hosted by Prince (back when he was The Artist Formerly Known as Prince):
    • The entire beginning where Bobo doesn't believe that Prince changed his name to a symbol (even after being shown the Emancipation CD), and Prince getting in anyway while Bobo tries to find his symbol.
      • Special mention has to go to Prince's aside to the camera when Bobo first asks for his name:
      Prince: This is gonna be fun!
    • The video from Tales from the Vet called Christmas Party '93.
    • Rizzo the rat foolishly betting another $5 that Prince can't write another song from the cafeteria menu (especially since the dessert of the day is raspberry sorbetnote ).
  • The skit "Murder On the Disoriented Express" has Jason Alexander trying to play Hercule Poirot, and doing all he can to play the role straight. Unfortunately, all the Muppets think he's playing Hercules and keep suggesting that he use his superhuman strength and abilities to solve the murder case. Except for Bunsen, who has Hercules confused with Superman.
    Mr. Poodlepants: note  Jason, you're breaking character.
    Alexander: I'm breaking character? You're supposed to be dead!