Funny / Muppets from Space

  • At one point, the Muppets in Gonzo's rescue party stand on each other's shoulders (Kermit on Fozzie and Pepe on Miss Piggy) to disguise themselves as doctors. This makes the size of their heads look out of proportion to the size of their bodies, and it's made all the more funny when they come across a real doctor, who gives them a weird look and walks away. The best part is Kermit's "What in the world?" when they find Gonzo strapped to a gurney, Rizzo chewing through the straps, and Dr. Phil dramatically screaming in fear.
  • The commentary track, where the director, Gonzo, and Rizzo all riff on the movie and tell stories about making it (like that the dream sequence at the beginning was actually shot inside Gonzo's head).
  • Pepe: Hey Kermit, when are you going to fix the oven, okay?
    Kermit: What's wrong with the oven?
    (massive offscreen explosion)
    Pepe: That.
    Enter Swedish Chef: ItsderbigKABLOOM!
  • The scene where Gonzo, right after being struck by lightning to talk with the Cosmic Fish, rushes into Kermit, Clifford, Rizzo and Pepe's poker game...and electric discharge sets Rizzo's cards on fire.
    Pepe: Dos Deuces. The Prawn Cracker wins.
    Rizzo: A PAIR OF TWOS? I swear, I had four aces, I really did! Note 
    Pepe:: (singing) You got know when to hold 'em...Know when to fold 'em...
    • This continues into an outtake for their reactions of Gonzo taking the lawn mower.
    Pepe: ...when to hold 'em. Know when to fold 'em. Know when to walk away. And know when to run...
    Director: Lawnmower!
    (all four look to the window)
    Rizzo: You never count...
    Clifford: Yo' money!
    All four:When you're sittin' at the table, There'll be time enough for countin', When the dealin's done!
  • Miss Piggy and reporter Shelley, going toe to toe. Also counts as a moment in awesome for Piggy!
  • After Gonzo's broadcast attracts all manner of UFO fans to the house, we see Sam - an Eaglelander in more ways than one - trying to shoo them away. "There is nobody here but us honest, hard-working Americans!" ... Who are honest, hard-working talking frogs, pigs, vermin, crustaceans, and whatevers. (This assumes, of course, that the Swedish Chef is a naturalized citizen.)
    Sam: ...Now get off my Kentucky bluegrass!
  • "Smoking is bad for you, okaaaaay?!"
  • The security guard (played by Kathy Griffin, oddly enough) being chased off by Animal and then comes back madly in love with him. Unbelievable.
  • Bobo, in general. He's such a lovable idiot. This troper is particularly fond of when he sings to himself while getting Gonzo some jalapenos for his sandwich.
  • The cameo by Pacey and Joey, with Pepe telling them that this is a Muppet movie.
    • Pepe's attempt to put the moves on Pacey.
  • "The Cosmic Fish have spoken to me! I'M FROM OUTER SPA-HA-HAAACE!" said by a hysterical Gonzo, who is smoking from just being struck by lighting. But that's not the funny part. It's the lack of reaction from Rizzo, Pepe, Kermit, and Clifford, who are playing poker. As far as they're concerned, Gonzo is doing nothing out of the ordinary.
  • When the government agency is examining the evidence of Gonzo's people looking for him with the "Are you there?" messages. The last one shown says "Are you three?" and the line that follows is "We believe this one is a spelling mistake."
  • When Ed is trying to interrogate Gonzo, he keeps answering with "I don't know." When he tells him not to answer that again, Gonzo replies with, "I know not."
  • While the Muppets escape from C.O.V.N.E.T., they decide to use the "door in a jar" Bunsen gave them. Fozzie wastes time by reading the instructions, prompting Kermit to yell at him to open the jar.
    • Then when Fozzie spills the jar's contents, the door turns out to be much smaller than expected:
  • During Gonzo's meeting with Ed, Ed puts on a latex glove.
    Ed: May I?
    Rizzo: I think before you answer that question you'd better be real clear on the final destination of that finger.
    (Rizzo and Bobo laugh as Ed examines Gonzo's nose)
    Ed: No nostrils. How do you smell?
    Rizzo: Awful. Trust me, I'm his roommate.