Funny / Mr. Meaty

  • In one episode when Parker eats a raw burger and receives a tape worm afterward, Josh uses a fishing rod to take out said worm by baiting it. Even while he's reeling out the tapeworm, Parker acts like a struggling fish trying to get away. Even better, the tapeworm is represented by (like everything else) a puppet. That's right, a tapeworm puppet coming out of Parker's mouth. Horrifyingly funny.
    • Topped off when a zookeeper buys the tapeworm off the boys and proceeds to let it slither down his own throat.
  • One episode had both boys turning into vampires. Hilarity Ensues.
    • From the same episode:
    Parker: ''(As a bat) Wait, Josh! My wings are too small to support my weight!''
  • Parker buying a yeti and raising Mr. Meaty.
  • Josh constantly hitting on the girls.
  • When Josh and Parker travel to the future where baboons are ruling mankind, one part has the boys working for the baboons out of fear of getting mauled to death. Some of the punishments they have to do are pretty hilarious, such eating bugs and avoiding the flying chocolate ice cream (which was a metaphor for you-know-what).
    Josh: (Brown substance hits his right eye) Please tell me this is dirt!
    Baboon: (Holds up a chocolate ice cream container) Ooo-ooo-ah-ah-aaahhh!
  • In "I Love Lizzy", a new girl is hired to work at Mr. Meaty. Immediately, Josh is infatuated as expected, mush to the annoyance of Parker. But after finding out that she's no lady when it comes to eating and watching Star Laser, Parker is, too, in love. So the whole first half of the episode is pretty hilarious with both Josh and Parker trying to win Lizzy's affection. At least until The Reveal...
  • (counting quietly while looking at French fry) "This French fry has ten grains of salt on it. STOP WASTING SALT!"
  • Parker going absolutely psychotic when Josh refuses to let him attend a party he's throwing at home against his parents' wishes; it turns into a full-blown slasher flick as Parker becomes more unhinged and resorts to deadlier methods to break in; the real topper though is that even though Josh is sure the party was a disaster, everyone thought it was all part of the entertainment!
    • Unfortunately for the boys, Josh's parents are less than ecstatic to find that Parker had cut down their living room wall trying to break in, prompting the boys to bail for Parker's place.
  • In "Schnozzola", the boys concoct a bogus ointment to get rid of Ashley's pimple......only for her entire nose to fall off! They quickly proceed to make things worse for themselves.
    • Also, this gem when Parker whips up a homemade glue for her nose;
    Josh: You think that'll work?
    Parker: Oh yeah! It could glue a dog to a bathtub... (Beat) ...Accidentally. Of course.
  • In "The Fries That Bind", Josh ditches work to hit on girls, leaving Parker at the mercy of a feeding frenzy, causing him to accidentally overload the meat processor. A seriously pissed off Parker immediately chews out Josh for slacking off, leading to this exchange:
    Josh: Oh! It's like that, huh? Porker?
    Josh: Let me see, I think it was....(slow motion) POR-KER.
  • In "Hamish", Parker goes to great lengths to insult Josh when the latter ditches him to go on a date with a goth girl to the movie they were planning to see together. Josh's reaction when Parker finally pushes his last button is epic.
  • In "Wedgelor", the titular demon goes on a wedgie rampage across the mall. When Doug steps in, Wedgelor strikes him next; unfortunately for Wedgelor, Doug was going commando.
  • Parker is taken hostage by the employees at Soy What and is to be served up and eaten by their cult. Their leader Gord tries to explain the circle of life from the perspective of a lifelong soyterian, except he can't make sense of his own chart that explains the entire concept.
    Gord: [...] Well, anyway, the point is, man eats man!
    Parker: Wait a minute dude, let me get this straight: Does that mean that you're gonna eat ''me''? Because that chart is really confusing.
    Gord: I know, right? Uggh, we gotta get a new chart!
  • The entirety of "Back Seat Driver", where Josh tries to impress Brittney by driving her on a date as another guy begins to court her. Unfortunately for everybody, Josh is an absolutely suicidal driver and must rely on Parker to keep him focused on the road. Things very quickly go downhill from there, including but not limited to:
    • Josh picking up Parker.
    Josh: Listen. I failed my driving test.
    Parker: Then why would your dad give you the car?! (Josh hums nervously) ....YOU STOLE YOUR DAD'S CAR?! Okay that's it, I'm outta here!
    Josh: Van Duzen's trying to make off with Brit's heart, but with you in the back, "Driving Master", our relationship can get back on track!
    Parker: Let me out of this car, right now.....YOU'RE DRIVING ON SOMEONE'S LAWN!
    • Parker mourning the skunk when Josh runs him over.
    Parker: (Nearly blowing his cover) He probably had skunk friends! And a skunk family!
    • Josh driving offroad and going on a rampage, getting himself pulled over only for the skunk to come back to life.
    Skunk:' GAAAAH-yah-yah-yah-yah-yah-yah-yah!
    Parker: Guys! The skunk has risen from the dead!
    • Topped off by the skunk wrecking the car!
    Skunk: (Hits gear shift) OH CRAP!
    Parker: (Car rolls off a cliffside) Skunks can drive!
    Josh: My gonna eat me alive....
    Britney: Tell him "Bon Appetit" for me!