Heartwarming / Mr. Meaty

  • In the Zombie Apocalypse episode, we have Doug hanging out with the boys, helping them with their zombie movie and revealing that he lied about having a history of fighting zombies just so that they would be proud of him.
  • In "Backseat Driver," Josh gets jealous when he thinks another guy is after his girlfriend, Brittany. Josh lies about having his driver's license to impress Brittany, but this ends up getting him into a good bit of trouble. After finally revealing that he doesn't actually have his license yet, Josh admits to Brittany that he acted crazy out of jealous because he was worried about losing her to another guy, and he ends it by telling her that he loves her. Brittany tells Josh that she loves him too, regardless of whether or not he has his driver's license, and the happy couple shares a hug.
  • In "Model Employee", after having allowed Chip 2.0 too much power in the kitchen which nearly leads to the boys becoming becoming its robotic brethren, Josh apologizes to Parker for ignoring the danger and reaffirms his friendship with Parker who had fought to protect their jobs. Parker is quick to forgive and embrace him.
  • In "Embarrassed To Death", Parker realizes how much he makes people laugh around the world despite the humiliation he often must endure for it, and with some encouragement from the Grim Reaper himself he decides to return to his life on Earth. Parker wakes up in the hospital surrounded by his friends and Doug, who got him to the hospital, and everybody is thrilled to see he's okay. Josh's older brother even apologizes for posting the embarrassing video that caused Parker to nearly die in the first place.
  • "Parker's First Kiss". After repeatedly failing to impress the girl he has a crush on and panicking over how to kiss her, their date seems to end on an awkward note. Parker resigns himself to his girlfriend Leanne never wanting to go out with him again.......Instead she tells him she likes him too and would go out with him again if asked. Before leaving for the bus, she kisses him.
    • Josh and Britney helping the two to become closer as they double-date also deserves a mention.