Funny / Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

  • During the first season of the show, Mr. Rogers engages in a song with children that involves raising fingers on his hands...and ends up giving the finger on air...twice! What makes it funny though, is that he clearly realizes how it looks, and even grins to the camera. Quite possibly the only time ever where Mr. Rogers did something that could be interpreted as offensive, even if it was completely without malice or any intent to offend. Even funnier in retrospect when you consider the fact that many years later, Barney & Friends, another PBS show, used the same song involving the same type of gesture!
  • In one episode, Fred visits this tuba player's apartment and offers to play the tuba himself. First, Fred took a deep breath into the mouthpiece and said "Nothing comes out." He was later instructed to blow thru buzzing lips. On his second try, Fred is able to make the tuba produce sound, but it emits a funny farting noise. What makes it funnier is that the camera closes up on Fred blowing into the tuba raising his eyebrows.
  • In some episode intros whenever Fred would zip up his sweater when he reached the part of the song that goes "Let's make the most of this beautiful day..." He would stretch the word "beauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful..." as he zipped his sweater. Sometimes Fred would even grin into the camera as he did so.