Heartwarming / Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

For all intents and purposes, Fred Rogers was a walking version of a Heartwarming Moment....

  • Here he is defending PBS, him accepting his Lifetime Award, and him saying goodbye. All good for rewatching whenever your faith in humanity is waning.
  • When he was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame in 1999, the person inducting him was Jeff Erlanger, a quadriplegic child who appeared on his show 18 years earlier. When he rolled on stage, you see the absolute joy in Rogers' face at the surprise. His actions? He gave Erlanger a hug and said "I'm so glad to see you." The clip is a must see; Rogers doesn't even bother with the stairs as he climbs on stage, almost on the verge of tears of joy, to say hello to Erlanger.
  • When his car was stolen, it was immediately returned when they realized whose it was, with a fresh coat of wax and a note of apology attached. Possibly. While it's probably an urban legend, what's so heartwarming is that it's not at all difficult to think it could be true about him.
  • While on a packed subway going home, someone recognized him and everyone started to sing his theme song.
  • The story this former employee relates. Many of the men working for Mr. Rogers would make fun of him behind his back for being too soft and the like - but in private, they would sneak into where he was rehearsing and privately ask for personal advice ranging from impotence to marital troubles... all while talking to his puppets, at that. On top of that, he never showed any sign of having had those conversations with them, as a way to respect their privacy.
  • Here's a whole list of heartwarming moments for Mr. Rogers. This is guaranteed to make you feel a little bit better about humanity.
  • In this article for Guideposts, Mr. Rogers explains the origins of his Catch Phrase, "You made this day a special day just by being yourself." His grandfather said it to him word-for-word when he was eight, and Fred remembered it all his life. So when he got a job in children's TV, he wanted "to offer children the same kind of reassurance, encouragement and sense of self-worth." He succeeded.
  • Lady Aberlin's entire relationship with Daniel.
  • A story widely told is that a fundamentalist priest/pastor/whatever called on Mr. Rogers to castigate a nearby group of homosexuals. Without missing a beat, Rogers turned to said people and said "God loves you just the way you are." He was an ordained Presbyterian minister (although he didn't preach—after his ordination, he was charged with continuing his television work) and belonged to a More Light congregation, a movement within the church dedicated to greater inclusion and participation of LGBT persons.
  • Fred Rogers wasn't particularly known to like parodies of his program. But he liked Eddie Murphy's parody so much (recognizing that it was being done out of affection) that he even visited him on the SNL set, to tell him that he liked Murphy's parody.
  • A minor one but anyone who has browsed the internet will tell you that the comments section of almost anything is ripe for arguments, insults, bizarre logic, and attracts many terrible elements including threats. Yet in the video where Fox commentators try to make Mr Rogers seem like he was bad influence for children, almost everyone is united in defending him and saying what a positive impact he had on their lives. Mr Rogers: The man so nice and beloved that even the internet can't find anything bad to say about him.
  • His words in the wake of September 11th. Doubles as Tear Jerker.
  • His visit to the set of The Incredible Hulk was heartwarming. To add bonus points, Fred Rogers shaking hands with Lou Ferrigno in full Hulk make up. To an adult watching this show, it's no big deal since it's two actors shaking hands, and one is dressed up at the time. But to any kid watching this, rerun or no rerun, it's Mister Rogers and The Hulk shaking hands, Rogers showing no fear of him whatsoever.
  • Episode #1162, where his family comes to visit.
  • His duet of "It's Such a Good Feeling" with Mr. McFeely. You can really see it in their expressions how much joy the two of them are having in finally getting to perform together. Also afterwards when Fred gives his usual "You're the only person in the world like you" ending speech and adds that there's nobody like Mr. McFeely either.
  • This Cracked article as well as the comments attached to it demonstrate the same love Mr Rogers always would have wanted for all of us. Even the comments section of that article qualifies. One user decided to troll the others. On a normal Cracked article, that'd be an idiotic thing to do. This time, though, this was the response:
    You are unique and wonderful just the way you are. You deserve to love and to be loved, and nothing can ever change that.
  • A comment in this reddit thread about why Mr. Rogers always announced out loud that he was feeding his fish (because he got a letter from a blind girl who worried they weren't being fed when she didn't hear him say it).
    It's funny how Mr. Rogers's words end up carrying through to your adulthood. I was once had a co-worker who was being a total jerk to everyone. When he turned on me, I let him have it! I said, "You are not acting like the person Mr. Rogers knew you could be." He stood there flat-footed in shock. .... "Damn, that was harsh man." About 30 minutes later he personally apologized to each person, one by one.
    • True or not, the fact that it's totally believable just indicates how much everyone loved Mr. Rogers.
  • According to one story, Rogers invited his limo driver, Billy, to a dinner hosted by a network executive, so that he wouldn't have to sit and wait for two hours. Afterwards, he rode in the limo's front seat to talk to Billy, and when he learned that they'd be passing Billy's family's house along the way to the hotel, Rogers asked if they could stop over so he could meet them. The affair became an impromptu party. Neighbors brought treats and Rogers entertained them by playing jazz piano. A few years later, when Rogers learned that Billy was dying of AIDS, he took time to call him in the hospital.
  • Joan Rivers, famous for her sarcastic and often offensive humor, interviewed Mr. Rogers and was quickly reduced by his kind and sincere words to a star-struck, tongue-tied, flustered fangirl.