Funny / Maya & Miguel

  • In "I Got to be Mi-guel", Maya is constantly annoyed by Miguel getting over his head that he's the coolest guy around.
    Maya: Aah! You guys are driving me nuts!
    Miguel: Not cool.
    Tito: Not cool.
    Paco: Definitely not cool.
    Maya: I created a monster.
  • In "The Autograph", Maya and Miguel chasing a baseball player while wearing a moose costume. Guess what animal the baseball player doesn't seem to like?
    Maya: He's getting away!
    Miguel: Maya, he's not a criminal.
  • In "The Bet", Maya shutting her mouth so she wouldn't "meddle" by helping Miguel answer a question for him in class.
  • In "The Big Fight", Maya tries to get Miguel and Theo to talk to each other by tricking them into coming to the same place. But it always ends with disaster, which Miguel and Theo blame each other for it. Maya becomes frustrated at how worse it's getting.
  • Any time Miguel tries (and ultimately fails) to talk Maya out of whatever she's planning. He knows exactly what will happen and he isn't looking forward to it one bit.