Funny: Miracle Of Sound

  • Medal of Honor: Doorfighter. A short but awesome song making fun of an overused gimmick and a pun on the title. What's not to love?
  • "Shooter Guy" in all its Lampshade Hanging glory.
  • "Call of Duty Circus" is another great one, presenting the bizarre types of Call of Duty players as members of a strange circus.
  • This verse in "Friends" where he references Drax's tendency to butcher metaphors:
    And when you're punching for vengeance,
  • The entirety of "I am Pudge", a tuba-led ballad sung by our favorite butcher. Pudge sings of how overpowered he is, how he relishes on how everyone despises him for being too overpowered and cheap. This being overcut with footage of gamers raging about him in dota matches.
  • Wigglesticks sums up the annoyance of the QTE's in the game, and it is hilarious.