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Tear Jerker: Miracle Of Sound
  • Gav developed Tinnitus. This rings true for those who suffer from the condition permanently, especially for those who only found out at a later point in their lives that having a high-pitched noise in their head all the time is not supposed to be normal.
  • The Best I Can is very heartfelt and sad, and prone to dig up some memories if you played the Walking Dead game.
  • Wasteland Soul is pretty heart-rending, too.
  • Redemption Blues is a melancholy song about the departure of the spirit of the Wild West and John Marston's increasingly narrowing place in the world; for those who played Red Dead Redemption, it's hard not to feel for the tired, jaded, quietly disillusioned man singing the song, with only one thing left to live for.
  • The Day The World Died is possibly as soul-crushingly depressing as Gav's work gets. It's sung in a raspy, breathy style that only accents the hopeless and bleak setting of Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light. As noted in its official description, it is "A musical tribute to man's eternal folly."
  • Nameless is a slow, melancholy lament of the Nameless One's state.

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