Tear Jerker / Miracle of Sound

  • Gav developed Tinnitus. This rings true for those who suffer from the condition permanently, especially for those who only found out at a later point in their lives that having a high-pitched noise in their head all the time is not supposed to be normal.
  • The Best I Can is very heartfelt and sad, and prone to dig up some memories if you played the Walking Dead game.
  • Wasteland Soul is pretty heart-rending, too.
  • Redemption Blues is a melancholy song about the departure of the spirit of the Wild West and John Marston's increasingly narrowing place in the world; for those who played Red Dead Redemption, it's hard not to feel for the tired, jaded, quietly disillusioned man singing the song, with only one thing left to live for.
  • The Day The World Died is possibly as soul-crushingly depressing as Gav's work gets. It's sung in a raspy, breathy style that only accents the hopeless and bleak setting of Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light. As noted in its official description, it is "A musical tribute to man's eternal folly."
  • Nameless is a slow, melancholy lament of the Nameless One's state.
  • Beauty Bleak is pretty melancholy, managing to get across the utter ruination of the Fallout universe with only three actual lines and a lot of understated instrumentation.
    • Some Thing's Never Change for is a sadder one, showing the great things man has done, but only to let it all come crashing down because we forgot the lessons and pains of the past. "♫Why do we never change?♫"
  • Resistance's first lines come after a slow and melancholy instrumental beginning, appropriate to the Alternate History setting of Wolfenstein: The New Order, in which Nazi Germany has won World War 2 and taken over the world. Lapses during choruses, in which the song changes to a more determined tone.
  • The Man Who Rocked The World is a tribute to David Bowie.
  • Fires Far and Forever Flame, despite having heavy metal influences, are ultimately about the futility of the Dark Souls universe and how you are an insignificant bug compared to some of the forces you have to go up against. Can wrap-around to being the good kind of Tear Jerker since the player characters still struggle and persevere on despite this, which is a secondary theme of these songs and the series in general.
  • Dream of Goodbye is mostly a rock song about fighting against your fate, but the final minute dives straight into tearjerker territory. It takes place from Elizabeth's perspective in Paris, desperately trying to forget her past.
  • Pawns of War It's an anthem about the fallen of World War I, a beautiful, very powerful and tearjerking song.