Funny / Magicka

The Trailers

  • "Remember: The safety word is banana!"
    • After this point, you get an option in the pause menu to skip the sequence. It is simply labeled "Banana!"
  • "You have no social skills whatsoever!"
  • One of the unlockable swords you get is an M60. And then the first DLC pack is a challenge mission meant to reenact the vietnam war, complete with even more guns.
  • One of the seas on the map of Magicka is called Boring Bay, a plain is named the Partially Snowy Plains and there are forests named the Disappointing Forest and That Other Forest. The cartographers of the world of Magicka certainly weren't very creative with their names.
    • Not to mention the Department of Redundancy Department that is "Fornskogur Forest" ("'Ancient-Forest' Forest"). Show the title to a Scandinavian Grammar Nazi and you just might end up with a fun rant to add to the fun!
    • And finally, the word "Wizard" is believed to have come from the word for "Wise", or "Wise man", Wis.