Funny / Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's Portable

  • After being affected by the Virus Bullet, Amitie asks either Yuuno or Arf for help, but she points her guns at them while doing it. And after she wins the fight, caused by her own idiocy, she comically falls from the sky.
  • Yuuno just can't get a break in Gears of Destiny.
    • After beating Vivio in the Story Mode, this exchange occurs (rough translation).
      Vivio: No way! The Chief Librarian is strong! As expected of the "Ace of Aces'" magical teacher.
      Yuuno: I told you I'm not a Chief Librarian! Wait, did you just say "Ace of Aces"?
    • Then a few moments after that...
      Yuuno: Are you from another world? If so, where from and how did you end up here?
      Vivio: Um... well... Ah! Nanoha-mama and Fate-mama are coming this way!
      Yuuno: Huh? (presumably falls for the trick)
      Vivio: Jet Step, go!
      Yuuno: Ah!
      Vivio: (while getting away) I'm sorry!!!
      Yuuno: Another got away again... come to think of it, did she say "Nanoha-mama"?
    • It's more funny then you realize that both of them are voiced by Kaori Mizuhashi. Yuuno has a classic voice of a boy and Vivio sounds so much Moe.
    • If you choose Yuuno against the Liese Twins, It's Personal for Lotte because she thinks a Dark Piece has copied her "beloved cute boy".
    • If you choose him against Stern, she fights him because he's Nanoha's magic teacher. After winning against her, she goes away while calling Yuuno "Master". Nanoha is confused and asks him when he became Stern's teacher.
    • When Einhard encounters him, she doesn't run away. Instead, she takes the opportunity to test her skills against Nanoha's teacher. Being a Badass Teacher sucks for him.
  • Levi the Slasher, Gears of Destiny's Fun Personified.
  • One of the unlockable costumes for Reinforce is a School Swimsuit with a pink inner-tube. It makes her dramatic end-of-battle sequence absolutely hysterical.