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Funny: Magi-Nation
  • Just randomly seeing "Exploding Sock Puppet" being the first words said to you..then after some random moment of understanding everyone, you suddenly hear someone shout, "TOAST! HORNY TOADS!". And that's when you know...
    • There's more of those too, even after the game starts. you get locked in a dark tower/prison and are stripped of all of your items, yes, including your translation bracelet.
  • Gorgor. Just Gorgor.
  • Just how does Valkan try to create a distraction in The Cald?
    Valkan: "Aaagh! Fire!! FIRE!!!!!! There's FIRE everywhere!! Noo! Oh, the humanity! The sorrow!! It's spreading!! We'll all be burnt to a cinder! Our flesh will be seared to the very bone! HOT HOT HOT!!"
  • Agram mentions Tony that, even if he stops Morag in the Aderial Shadow Geyser, more will keep showing up. He mentions how there will be one in a lot more regions that weren't explored in the game boy game - and throwing in a line about how there will be two in D'resh. It might give an odd chuckle.

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