Funny / The Magic Voyage

Terrible it may be, but this movie does have some funny moments. Mostly due to Narm and So Bad, It's Good both being in effect.

  • So that's what happened to fishy!
  • "Stroke... Stroke... Stroke... I'm gonna have a stroke!"
  • "Mm-mmm...That was gross."
  • "I, whoever I am, claim this land in the name of... What's-Her-Name!"
  • "Of all the stupid, ridiculous, insane...out, before I roast your head on a stick!"
  • "What was that scream?"
    • "Maybe we ran over a fish?"
      • "Oh, that's different! If we ran over a fish, then somebody else should drive."
  • Most of Dom DeLuise's very clearly improvised dub. He seems to be the only one who's actually trying to, at the very least, do an entertaining performance.
  • Columbus's song is so absurd and comes from so far out of left field that for some viewers it may be Actually Pretty Funny.