Funny / Luigis Mansion Versus

  • The opening animation, featuring Josh and Tyler dressed as Luigi and fighting each other with vacuums.
    • Which is subverted in the sixth episode.
  • At the start, they compare Luigi winning the mansion in a shady competition to clicking on those "You are the one millionth visitor!" internet ad scams, prompting Josh to say "Luigi IS...the one millionth visitor!"
  • Tyler's game freezes for a while due to his Gamecube glitching, and to make it fair, Josh deliberately wastes a few seconds in the Gallery area to even it up...only for Tyler to then accidentally go to the Gallery himself and get stuck there for several minutes.
    • Also, Josh mentions that he was interrupted while sitting down to record the first episode by his new Gamecube being delivered.
  • Tyler hypothetically wearing a pink JoshJepson shirt to a job interview. And getting hired.
    Tyler: (as the employer) What does your shirt say? (as himself) "It's Not Supposed To Go At An Angle". (as the employer) What's not supposed to go at an angle? (as himself) Your dick.
    Josh: (as the employer) You're hired!
  • Tyler's attempted beatboxing at the start of part 2, which just consists of saying "boots and cats and boots and cats".
  • In part 2, after Tyler gets the golden mouse in Madam Clairvoya's room:
    Tyler: Did you get the golden mouse in Madam Clairvoya's room?
    Josh: There's a golden mouse in Madam Clairvoya's room?
    Tyler: ...No.
    Josh: ...what.
    Tyler: There's toilet paper here in the Butler's Room, is what I'm trying to say.
  • About 26 minutes into Part 2, Josh starts an exaggerated fake sob over Tyler being mean to him.
  • In Mr. Luggs' room, Tyler offhandedly mentions there being a Speedy Spirit in the room. Josh tries to confirm that there is one, only for Tyler to deny it.
    Josh: (dead serious) Where is it, Tyler.
    • He ends up finding it anyway, even though Tyler doesn't tell.
    • During the battle with Mr. Luggs, this happens:
    Josh: Stop spitting fireballs at me. Fireballs!
  • There's also Josh wondering whether a Boo had hidden in the ceiling, which Tyler takes the wrong way:
    Tyler: I thought you were talking to me for a second.
    Josh: Are you in the ceiling, Tyler?
    Tyler: Yeah. How did you know?
  • Josh responding to Tyler claiming Biff Atlas is an easy boss.
    Tyler: I think he's easy. I think it's just you and Chuggaaconroy [that have trouble fighting Biff]
    Josh: I think you're an idiot.
  • In episode 3, Josh calls the Nana ghost "JESUS GRANDMA!" as soon as he sees her, and refers to her as Grandma for the entire episode after that.
    • Also, while he is trying to capture her, Tyler bemoans how he missed on a chance to get a golden mouse in the tea room, and the following conversation ensues, similar to one from the previous episode.
    Josh: There's a golden mouse in the tea room?
    (Beat, followed by both speaking at the same time)
    Tyler: No.
    Josh: Fuck!
  • Josh has trouble capturing a Boo, getting it down to 1 HP only for it to constantly fly into different rooms, with him unable to suck it up fully for a while. He slowly gets angrier and angrier as this happens.
  • Tyler shocks Josh by telling him that he got a gold rank on every boss ghost in Area 2 except Bogmire. Josh then smugly tells him that he still has more money...only for Tyler to shock him again by telling him that he has about 1 million more.
  • In episode 4, Tyler has them play a version of the "Shag, Marry or Kill" game (with the options instead being "Handjob, Marry or Kill"), and then the groups of three people they have to decide over are all fellow Let's Players.
  • The ending of episode 5. Poor Josh
    • A lot of it is Tyler's (extended) reaction to Josh's freakout. He goes from singing a la the epic Sandbird failure, to cracking up since Josh won't reply to him, and he's on his own commentary-wise.
    Tyler: Apparently, when you die in Luigi's Mansion, you die in real life too. I guess that's a thing. [...] I don't have words for what is happening right now.
    • On a similar note, episode 6's animated intro takes episode 5's ending into account. It must be seen.
    • It's also pretty hilarious how when the gameplay starts, Josh is right back there, back to normal as though the previous situation never happened.
  • Tyler forgets to start his timer at the beginning of episode 6, which leads to this exchange:
    Josh: No worries, Tyler. This is why we have two timers!
    Tyler: This is why we have three timers, Josh.
    Josh: Actually— we have three timers?
    Tyler: Mm-hmm.
    Josh: We have old timers! And I eat them!
    Tyler: We have Alzheimer's!
    Josh: [laughs] We have Alzheimer's.
    Tyler: Who are you again?
  • Tyler jokes about him and Josh being mentally in synch a lot in episode 6, at a time when (unbeknownst to both of them) they actually are doing almost exactly the same things at the same time on the screen.
  • The end of episode 6. Josh, trying to close the episode, says that he's been JoshJepson. Tyler declares that he's been Lucahjin. Josh yells at him, ending the episode with "YOU'RE A FUCKING IDIOT!"
  • Josh struggling to catch a boo stuck halfway in a wall.
  • Early in episode 7, Tyler finds a lump on a table and dubs it the "Table boner". Later, he comes back to the same room in search of a Boo, and...
    Tyler: Wait... where'd the table boner go? The table boner's gone! What? WHAT? N—uh? Where'd the table boner go? That's not even right!
    Josh: You sound very distraught.
    Tyler: That's not even right, Josh! Not even right!
    Josh: What?
    Tyler: The table boner's gone!
    Josh: Oh my god! [...] Oh no! Who You Gonna Call? [Silence] The Table Boner Busters, of course.
    Tyler: I was trying to figure out what that was from... I was like "Who you gonna call? What's that from again?"
    Josh: Wait a second... Six o'clock Boos? Isn't it a little early to start drinking?
    Josh: I don't know if it was snow, or sleet, or what, but my god. Snow, man! [Beat] No pun intended.
    • And of course, the gem in the collection:
  • There's also That One Room where Josh keeps getting ganged up on by grabbing ghosts.
    Josh: Holy Jesus mother-flippin' F!
    Tyler: ...what?
    Josh: I'm in a room with a bunch of assholes!
    Josh: I'm being hugged to death! This is a problem!
  • Tyler's voice for Sir Weston.
  • After referencing a controversial, religiously charged comment that was left on a previous video, Tyler decides that he and Josh will become nuns.
    • Which leads to this little tidbit at the end of the episode:
    Tyler: Forgive me, Mother Jepson!
  • Josh finds the 50th gold bar literally one second after Tyler saying how unlikely it would be for him to find all 50 of them. (Though a little later it turns out Tyler was wrong and there are more than 50, it's still a bizarre coincidence).
  • Josh's victory cry as he catches King Boo:
    Josh: Alright, alright! Get. In. My. Belly! And by belly I mean vacuum! [Beat, captures King Boo] YOU KNOW, IN THE VACUUM!
  • And now we have the Loser's Challenge video, which features Tyler dressed up as Luigi at PAX Prime, trying to find Mario. He eventually finds some random guy dressed as Mario and hugs him, asking where he's been. The very confused man responds "... Around?"
    • Also, on two occasions, Tyler stops just calling for Mario and instead stands in the middle of a crowded hallway and screams Mario's name at the top of his lungs. The second time, you can hear someone in the background actually reply "He's busy!"
    • At one point, Tyler asks a random person if he's seen Mario. The person suggests for Tyler to go to the washrooms and go down, a reference to warp pipes from the games. Tyler instead actually goes to the washrooms, walks inside the women's washroom, and quietly calls "...Mario?" before leaving awkwardly when he sees someone inside.
      • All of this is made better by Lucahjin (on the camera) absolutely pissing herself laughing.
  • Throughout the series, Tyler's obsession with 'the anteater room'. In the final follow-up video he even dismisses all Josh's suggestions for the best or funniest moment of the series, because nothing can compare to the anteater room.