Funny / Luigi's Mansion

  • Luigi looking at the bright, cheery, illustration of the mansion on his map... then seeing the real thing.
  • The Easter Egg at the Bottom of the Well. "Hey Luigi! What's the hold up?"
  • King Boo taunting Mario gets pretty funny when he says the following line...
  • Luigi humming/whistling the background music.
  • King Boo freaking out over Luigi, then realizing he ISN'T Mario.
  • Running Mario through the ghost portrait machine in reverse at the end. Poor guy can't catch a break this game even when saved, can he?
  • What happens when you try to open a fake door.
  • This excerpt from the telephone room:
    Toad: ...He-Hello? ...May I ask who is speaking...please??
    Luigi: It's Bowser!!
    Toad: Eeeek!! (hangs up)
  • Many of the Boo puns. Actually, many of the things the Boos say in general.
  • The "song" that plays while you're capturing a normal ghost is just plain weird. Just try listening to it without laughing or being incredibly confused.