Awesome Music / Luigi's Mansion

Luigi's Mansion (2001)

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
  • This remix of the original theme is fantastic too. So good that it was reused in the Superstar Saga remake.
  • The Mansion theme is great, and definitely as good as the original game's main theme.
  • The theme of Haunted Towers. It's dark, but it has an almost tribal sounding theme to it. Being infested with plants, this is a given.
  • The Mission Clear theme. Triumphant and giving an air of accomplishment for completing a mission.

Fan Remixes
  • Somebody made a remix of the main theme that basically sounds like what Grant Kirkhope would have done for a Donkey Kong 64 style boss theme.
  • "Bros Before Ghosts" by Konrad Petersson for the fan album Harmony of Heroes. A jazzy, swinging remix of the Luigi Mansion's theme interspersed with sounds of Luigi traveling through the mansion and the ghosts hounding him.
  • "Boo Busters" is a delightfully spooky mashup/remix of the main theme and the Ghostbusters theme. If the iconic Ghostbusters lyics with Luigi's worried calls for Mario don't sell this enough, then the amazing mix of both songs definitely will.