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Funny: Lufia
  • Most of Dekar's scenes in Lufia II, either the SNES version and DS version. Including the Cargo Ship mentioned in the YMMV tab.
    Dekar: My love is my sword!
    Guy: I think you should stay away from thoughts like that.
    Guy: You're just not real swift, are you?
  • A lot of the conversations between the party members in the games, how they're always bickering.
  • Meeting Gades near the start of the third game. Not only the frue destruction, but the following quip:
    Seena: Since you are the Sinistral of Destruction, did you destroy your mind as well?
    Gades: I have never been so insulted in my entire existence.
    • The exchange Wain and Seena have the next time they confront Gades. Wain fails to get Gades's sarcasm, Seena calls him stupid, and the two immediately start bickering.
    Gades: Watching you lessens my urge to destroy. In a way, it is amazing.
  • An unintentional example, in Lufia II after you defeat Daos, he insults the party.
    Daos: You little hoochees!
  • The wedding sequence and the montage in Rise of the Sinistrals is amusing. The version in Curse of the Sinistrals arguably upped the humor.
  • The introduction of "Magical Wife" Selan in both versions of II.
  • Dekar: "You should see my swimsuit! It's tiny!"
  • Deckard's introduction in The Legend Returns, where he's about to ram his ship through the ship that the heroes are on:
    Wain: Wait! We're not pirates!
    Seena: Don't be convinced, stupid!
    Dei: He seems similar to Wain.
    Aima: So then, there's no point in trying to be logical with him...
  • In The Ruins of Lore, there's a blacksmith seeking someone skilled with a hammer. Once you bring Bau to him, the blacksmith expresses his glee at the perfect person arriving. At which point each other party member thinks the blacksmith is talking about them, following by the blacksmith shoving that party member out of the way with the next party member still in the same spot.
  • In Rise of the Sinistrals, during the Spring portion of the snapshot into Maxim and Selan's married life, Selan deep fries jelly in olive oil. Maxim's reaction is priceless. To add to the humor, once you regain control of your characters, you can talk to the chef in the Parcelyte Castle and he'll mention the jelly - and talk about how disgusting it is.
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