Awesome / Lufia

  • Anything Dekar does that isn't a CMOF or CMOH. Anything. His greatest? In the finale where the party's base is under heavy siege by a horde of powerful monsters, he shows up (after being thought dead) on the back of a WHALE, DESTROYS the entire first wave of monsters on his own, tells the party to get a move on and leave the base to him, and then, after being surrounded by the ENTIRE horde, promptly declares that he doesn't remember how to lose and that the first to die should step forward, followed by the entire horde running like scared schoolgirls. This man is the Lufia equivalent of Zhang Fei crossed with Lu Bu
    • Curse of the Sinistrals somehow manages to top this. Dekar not only manages to escape a hellish otherworld he was pulled into, but blew the entire dimension up behind him. Not dying really is one of the other things he's best at.
    • And just after that, when the party aboard their dirigible and heads toward Doom Island, The Sinistrals manage to shoot them down, and the hero's airship start to fall in flames... only to suddenly sprout wings and glide the rest of the way onto Doom Island. That was both unexpected AND awesome.
  • There's the final battle in the original game, against Daos, Gades, and Amon fused together. With appropriate music.
  • They didn't get much screen time, but it was satisfying to see the Gratze Kingdom go down in Rise of the Sinistrals. Especially since it proved that Maxim and friends can outfight a tank.
  • Milka the elf joining the party in Legend Returns. The only non-Sinistral in all three games; she saw the Sinistral War begin....and now she's going to see it end.