Funny / LordKaT

  • Until We Win: Bebe's Kids has a lot of these. LordKat's "negotiation" with Nostalgia Critic in the beginning (which he even ends in his trademark style, but using LordKat's catchphrase instead of his own), the Critic and Lordkat getting into a fight about New York City vs Chicago, "Controls Design 101", "That's the gayest robot I've ever seen"...
    • "It's like playing a white deck against a blue deck in Magic The Gathering, and the blue deck puts out the Phantom Warrior with his 2 damage, and he keeps poking you with his 2 damage, 2 damage, 2 damage, every round!"
  • LordKat is a very likable fellow, and while he doesn't come off as funny, I could not help but grin when he did an "Until we Win" for the Silver Surfer game. Upon completing it, he discovered there was a HARDER difficulty. After BARELY beating that, there was a HARDER Difficulty. His deadpan expression is absolutely hilarious.
  • On that subject, don't forget his reaction to Chakan: The Forever Man's lack of an ending.
  • His advice to get through the Volcano level in Actraiser 2.
    LordKat: If I were to give you some advice, I'd sound like Mr. Miyagi. Be quick, but not too quick. Don't go too high or too low. Wax on, wax off, that kinda bullshit.
    • Also from Actraiser 2:
      LordKat: This snail kicked my ass. I can't believe that sentence just came out of my mouth.
  • Helping Spoony beat Pumpkinhead II.
    LordKat: He's gonna make us watch it.
    Spoony: Watch what?
  • From the worst game requests:
    LordKat: The Pagemaster is a game about a little boy in a gray dungeon and he can't get out of it because this game blows chunks. At least, I think that's what the game is about.
    • Or this line:
      LordKat: You can't just jump. First, you have to pray to the Voodoo god of jumping, spin around three times in your chair, sacrifice a virgin goat and then bathe in its blood before the game even thinks about letting you jump.
  • During Monster Party, when one of the bosses is the Grim Reaper:
    LordKat: I suspect Dracula's next after this, though somehow I don't think Simon Belmont ever fought a big caterpillar. Maybe that'll be in the next ''Castlevania game.
  • "LordKat Eats", a regular feature on his stream, is always good for a few laughs. Standing head and shoulders above all other editions, however, is his absolutely stunning reaction to the "pickled vegetable". Watch it here.
  • This troper was laughing so hard it hurt during LordKat's attempt to play Farming Simulator 2011. Especially the end when he starts crashing into random cars.
    LordKat: Our cars appear to be mating!
  • Lordkat and friends face off against a madman, a former contestant of The Tester, who believes his computer is his daughter and that he is famous. This is the tale of the Festivus Miracle....
    • To elaborate: 3 hours of chatting with a man who has to be the world's biggest Cloud Cuckoolander (and a pathological liar to boot). It truly has to be heard to be believed.
    • Then, in the aftermath of the confrontation, this...whatever it is...appeared on YouTube.
  • Lordkat's "Left 4 Dead 2" sessions have led to several of these moments—the most memorable being the "Everything Burns" campaign.
  • "Hey Paw, turn to your left." *BOOM*
  • Jason playing L.A. Noire, primarily because he Drives Like Crazy to an absurd extent. When he manages to make it to a destination without hitting any buildings, objects, or people, everyone around expresses shock.
  • Among other voices, LordKat reading My Immortal as The Ultimate Warrior.
  • While 8-Bit Mickey hosted the "Dr. 8-Bit Love" show, it was common for fellow members of TGWTG act as guest hosts. Obscurus Lupa happened to sit in during a particularly raunchy episode. She listened in shock for much of the proceedings, then quietly dismissed herself from the call when the show ended.
    LordKat: Hey, thanks again, Lupa. It was great hearing from you.
    RolloT: Yeah!
    LordKat: (chuckling) Hey, come back any time.
    Lupa: Oh...sure. Okay. Good night, guys.
    LordKat: Good night!
    RolloT: Bye, Lupaaaaa...
    RolloT: ...Aaaaand she's never coming back, is she?
    LordKat: Nope.
  • Lordkat playing Final Fantasy 11 after 10 years. Which results in confusion over controls, Rollo T getting lost, and Linkara losing his mind due to laughter-based oxygen loss.
  • Why Lordkat would make a wonderful Kindergarten teacher.
  • LordKat (and his chat) inventing a unique new app for the iPhone: The Pooptracker 8000. A rare poop-related joke that is also hilarious.
    • Especially when the chat suggests Mage Firenipple's voice for the default alarm setting. ("Ah, it's time to poop! Rrrrrootootootootootoot!")
  • Troll Chop!
  • After nearly an hour of creating a character in FATAL: "Ladies and Gentlemen, we have reached a milestone: we can now determine our character's name... Where the hell is Appendix 7?"
    • Jason's response to the game's insane, quadratic formulae for calculating characters? A perfectly plaintive "I don't wanna solve for X!"
    • Pretty much anything said by MechaGM throughout, both because he plays the Straight Man to everyone else involved, and because he was the Unwitting Instigator of Doom for the whole incidentnote , a fact which the chatroom is bound and determined to rub in his face.
      • The very first lines in the video:
    LordKat: Hey Peter, wanna play a game of FATAL?
    MechaGM: I'll kill you.
    • At one point, after another complaint from MechaGM, Sable gets in this classic response: "Shut up and roll your areolas!"
    • LordKat looks over the skill checks for Comedy, and sees that if you roll badly enough for Buffoonery, you can kill someone. RolloT suggests slipping on a Banana Peel and kicking a man's face off.
    • Sable announces that, per the game's morality system, he's self-centered and values his own pleasure above any normal social standards of morality:
    Sable: So I'm a douchebag.
    Skitch: Actually, you are the creator of this game.
    Sable: How about you shut your whore mouth? That is the biggest insult you could have given me, Skitch.
  • LordKat and Skitch playing Portal 2 co-op. They get into it in the first test chamber:
    (Skitch closes a door on LordKat, crushing him.)
    Skitch: Oh wow, that was fun.
    LK: Dickshit.
    (LK respawns, gets on the button.)
    LK: Go.
    (As soon as Skitch steps through the door, LK jumps off the button. *CRUNCH*)
    LK: Suck my nut.
  • In this game of Survival Versus we have Jason and friends split between teams. Rollo starts encouraging SonicGav to pick up the Grenade Launcher while the rest of the team orders him not to. When he does (and causes all sorts of chaos), Rollo's encouragement triggers what one chat member calls "Y: Ruler of Rage".
  • In a game of Fully Charged:
    Sable: I'm going! Like a boss! OH GOD!
    (He gets tackled and nearly dies, but is rescued.)
    Sable: Ow. I'm less like a boss now.
  • For a short time in 2012, Jason received complaints from Twitch TV streamers and administrators about the lack of video game-related content on his livestream. He responded by running Progress Quest every time he was away from his computer.
  • In this Tankball session (near the end), LordKat gets punched onto a normally unreachable rooftop, making him untouchable. The really funny part comes when dotLEEZ decides to test how focused on LK the Tank is and gets right next to it; it just continues mindlessly ramming the wall in the futile hopes of killing Jason. Also a Crowning Moment of Awesome when Jason manages to get around the Tank and join the rest of his team on the escape boat.
  • As one of his weekly Until We Win challenges, LordKaT decided to attempt an L4D2 campaign on Hardcore Death's Door. On one run in the final level, Sable got right next to the escape ship but died because he didn't listen when LK warned him about a Hunter. As the level restarted, Behemoth proclaimed "Sable, I'm gonna call you Decade from now on, 'cuz it's all your fault."
    • And then to cap things off, the next time they get to the escape boat, Behemoth kills Sable with a baseball bat in revenge. The players and the chatroom died laughing.
  • In LK's Let's Play of Thief 2, he comes upon one of Karras' Mini-Mecha stuck in a doorway. After spending several minutes messing with it (including walking right through it, literally clubbing it into submission, and trying and failing to shoot water arrows into its exposed boiler), he eventually decides to find another path. And runs into a larger mecha stuck in an entirely different doorway. That one...didn't end so well. Watch it here.
  • The entirety of the opening of this episode of LordKaT Live!. A dramatic straight faced retelling of the Console Wars of the 90's, complete with potent amounts of Crosses the Line Twice in Jason's distinct style, as he struggles throughout to keep from outright corpsing. Culminates in this fantastically timed Mood Whiplash after having compared it to the Vietnam War of all things:
    *After the whole narration closes out*
    Jason: ...welcome to LordKaT Live everyone! *goes on to introduce everybody*
    one of his guests: ...Jesus Christ, where the hell has this been in my life?!