Heartwarming / LordKaT

  • From Until We Win: Bébé's Kids, his voice is so soft he's practically cooing when he tries to soothe The Nostalgia Critic's damaged ego.
  • Close to the end of an episode of "Dr. 8-Bit Love", two girls from the chat officially became a couple, with LordKat announcing it to all.
  • The hosts of "Dr. 8-Bit Love" advising a stay-at-home-dad on how to "do something special" for his hard-working wife.
  • The verbal beatdown Jason gave Big Fazeek after he dared to badmouth a female guest:
    Fazeek: Get off the phone, you fucking dirty bitch.
    LordKat: Oh, whoa whoa, easy! Calm down, guys.
    Fazeek: I'm fuckin' sick of your shit.
    LordKat: Ey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
    Fazeek: (mumbling)
    LordKat: Hey, Greg, shut your fucking mouth, Greg. This is my stream. You will act civil or you will be fucking gone.
    Fazeek: I don't want to hear her right now!
    LordKat: (to Fazeek) I don't wanna hear you right now...SHUT. YOUR. FUCKING. MOUTH. THIS IS MY SITE! YOU SHOW MY FRIENDS RESPECT!
  • Jason finally meeting Kat (not to be confused with the similarly-named podcaster from Channel Awesome), his internet friend of nearly twelve years, in person.
  • When Hurricane Irene caused Staten Island (including Jason's neighborhood) to be evacuated in August of 2011, Jason decided to "stay put" so he could take care of his friends and family.
  • After the news of LordKat's father's death broke, the LordKat Mafia immediately responded with an outpouring of kindness and support on Twitter. In a very short time, one fan created a memorial page on the wikinote  where regulars could leave words of encouragement:
    I am mostly doing this because LordKat helps us though our tough times so this feels like the least we can do to show our support. Whether you know it or not Lordkat, you have helped every one of your fans in countless ways. Be it through just churning out awesome content on a regular basis, setting up the community and helping us all find people we connect with or even giving out helpful advice in our time of need, you have done so much for us all. I know what it is like to lose a family member and it can be one of the hardest times in your life, but i want you to know that there are 400+ people here who all want to help you in this time of sadness. We will help out in whatever way we can, no matter how large or small these things may be we are here for you. I am sure that your Dad, be he up in heaven or whatever happens after someone passes away, is proud of you for all the good you have done, the joy that you spread and the laughs you help create. I just want you to know that your mafia is by your side and we shall do whatever it takes to help you and your family in these tough times ahead. R.I.P DadKat 1952-2012. -Thescottishgamer 23:04, 25 January 2012 (CET)
    • Also notable among his well-wishers were fellow New Yorker Lindsey Ellis (who tweeted, "We're just across the bridge if you need anything") and Spoony (who was having a falling out with Jason at the time).
    • One of the stream's regulars, Muffin, created a memorial in Minecraft to mark the occasion.