Funny / Kingdom

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    TV Series 

  • Simon acting as his own solicitor during his interview with DC Yelland.
  • Peter (played by Stephen Fry) accidentally high on some "magic mushrooms" given to him by sci-fi fans/cosplayers. Frigging hysterical.
    Beatrice: He's tripping his tits off.
    Peter: I am SO not!
  • The Second episode of the first season has Lyle, after proposing to a client, almost getting thrown off the roof by Peter. That whole exchange was hilarious.


  • This guy. And then his boss.
  • During the Kokuyou Campaign, one of Kanki's men comes before the Hi Shin Unit to take Xin's arm as a payment for his army screwing up on the first day of the battle. Xin accepts the payment, but instead puts his own sword against the soldier's arm asking where he should cut.
  • Duke Hyou trolling the coalition army.
    Rinbukun: Who are the men that cause the earth to quake!? Who are the men that cause the heavens to tremble!? We will send the Qin to the next world! All troops-