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Live-Action Series
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Having Stephen Fry attracts a lot of great talent for guest appearances.
    • Robert Bathurst, noted for his assorted appearances everywhere (but most especially for his later appearance as Sir Antony Strallan on Downton Abbey), shows up in Series 1 as a crossdresser.
    • Peter Sallis plays Gloria's father.
    • Sandi Toksvig—a strong candidate for "Stephen Fry if he was a woman and originally Danish"—appears as a farmer.
    • Colin Baker shows up as a Daft Dog Man (in an episode with plenty of Doctor Who references—including a lunatic who dresses like the Fourth Doctor—at that) in the same episode.
    • And of course, let's not forget that several of the regulars are quite recognizable; particularly recognizable is Phyllida Law (aka Emma Thompson's awesome mum) as Aunt Auriel.