Heartwarming / Kingdom

The Television series

  • Where to start? In what is probably the most heartwarming television program ever, the plot about Lyle and Mr. Narbutawicz in the finale of Series 1.

The Manga and Anime

  • When his army discovers a boy stumbling through the woods covered in wounds and with two arrows in his back, who begs Xin to help save his state in chapter 257, Xin charges into a conflict that has nothing at all to do with him or his goal. After he successfully kills the enemy leader and drives off the invaders, saving the state's surviving people he meets the injured boy again before he departs and tells him these words about his wounds.
    Xin: Endure it. Those are wounds of glory.
    Xin: It's all thanks to you your state was saved.
  • Anytime Shin's Hi Shin Unit risks their lives to save their commander.
  • Kyoukai's farewell prank.