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* Simon acting as his own solicitor during his interview with DC Yelland.
* Peter (played by Creator/StephenFry) accidentally high on some "magic mushrooms" given to him by sci-fi fans/cosplayers. Frigging hysterical.
--> '''Beatrice:''' He's tripping his tits off.
--> '''Peter:''' I am SO not!
* The Second episode of the first season has Lyle, after proposing to a client, almost getting thrown off the roof by Peter. That whole exchange was hilarious.



* [[http://mangafox.me/manga/kingdom/v26/c276/3.html This guy.]] And then [[http://mangafox.me/manga/kingdom/v26/c276/4.html his boss.]]
* During the Kokuyou Campaign, one of Kanki's men comes before the Hi Shin Unit to take Xin's arm [[spoiler:as a payment for his army screwing up on the first day of the battle]]. Xin accepts the payment, but instead puts his own sword against the soldier's arm asking where he should cut.