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Funny / Kamen Rider Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen

  • In the movie itself, there's Urataros flirting with GekiYellow in the middle of the final battle.
    • Consequently, Momotaros goes and delivers a What the Hell, Hero? to Ura, and then gets knocked down, rolling and accidentally bowling over Kintaros and Ryutaros (the latter sitting on the larger Rider's shoulder).
  • Joe and Don are on the run, but rather than attack with kicks and swipes or whatever, a tiger kaijin is biting Don's head.
  • A fourth-wall-breaking moment when Owner brings up something from the Net Movies (about the scheduling of Kamen Rider and Super Sentai), and Don and Hina are wondering who he's talking to.
  • Diend reveals that he stole something that was of utmost importance: Momotaros' pudding. Cue Denliner riding by and Momotaros yelling at Diend to bring it back. Then, the four Imagins and Naomi are fighting over who gets the pudding before it flies all the way and land on Owner's plate of fried rice...which he begins to eat joyfully.
  • A subtle one when Silva announces that "all Riders and Sentai are wiped out"... with an unmorphed Don right in front of them. Poor Don.
  • Warz Gill sucking up to Marvelous, and Marvelous promptly talking him down. That is all.
  • Throughout the movie, Dr. G can't seem to so much as say the words Kamen Rider, as he does shout them melodramatically.
    • Of course, coming from the man who immortalized "ONORE DIKEIDOOOO!!!", that should be a given.
  • In the final scene, when Gentaro is teaching the Go-Busters his pose, Gai is in the background copying Gentaro!

Out of Canon Moments
  • Considering Kamen Rider's track record for Net Movies, it's inevitable that the series that will be released for Superhero Taisen would follow suit. The first trailer is promising on its own!
  • The first Net Movie was hilarious! First off, the Kamen Riders that were "killed" were Decade (with cards stuck on his visor), W (surrounded by his Gaia Memories) and Momotaros (presumably by a poisoned pudding cup).
    • Second, JK, Yuki and Tomoko try to state their titles (and they appear on the screen) like calling the killed Kamen Riders 'beauties'. Kengo decides to brush the theories away.
      • And when Tomoko wanted to do another one for Double, Fourze had to stop her.
    • Shun and Gentaro screaming like little girls in two separate occasions. Especially Gentaro, who screeched while transformed.
    • After Hurricane Red and Ninja Red are suspected of being the killers, Fourze suspects Gokai Red. Of course he appears but then asks why Fourze doesn't suspect any Riders. Fourze says that it's the Superhero Taisen Net Movies.
    • It's also hilarious that the killer is actually Eitoku himself, who wanted to be Number One. Considering that his role was also always the secondary rider, this makes sense. Even Gentaro references that he is Seiji Takaiwa in the Fourze suit and that Eitoku killed three other suit actors instead.
      • And then while Eitoku is driven off to jail, all three suit actors appear just fine and tell Fourze that he need not know how and why they're alive.
    • Then we have Faiz making a reserving a spot for a restaurant.
  • The second Net Movie was also good! The victims this time were Gokai Pink (with a Batta Medal in hand), Gosei Pink (with a Cyclone Gaia Memory) and Shinken Pink (with the Fourze Driver and Hopping Switch). Poor Yellow Buster, hopping away with that Hopping Switch.
    • The process of elimination for the Batta Medal has: Ichigo, Nigo, Skyrider, Shin and OOO as their prime suspects. OOO being the odd one since all the other riders are completely insect based.
    • Like Gokai Red in the first net movies, OOOs ask why the Go-Busters are not suspecting any Sentai members, Red Buster says it's the Super Hero Taisen Net Movies
      • And how do they figure out who the culprit is? It has to be someone unexpected because, as Ichigo states, a Rider being killed by Sentai wouldn't be up for standards. And it's revealed that the killer is the director himself for he was jealous of the Pink Rangers having fun with Core Medals, Gaia Memories and Switches!
    • To end this one, we once again have Faiz Making more reservations.
  • The 3rd Net Movie just poke fun at how Red Go-Buster freezes at the word 'tori' (Bird), even going as far as to make him completely freeze at an Imagine Spot of Kamen Rider Double's LunaTrigger note  echoing in the background!
    • And Cheetah Nick gets very pissy when he assumes Hayami's answer to the riddle (what happens when Blue and Yellow combine) are Ryuuji and Youko. Not to mention how he gets angry about how Hayami has no idea about who the Go-Busters are.
  • The 4th Net Movie has Blue Buster and Gorisaki helping Hayami solve a mystery... except that they keep insisting that they're the answer, and every time they do so Ryuji uses this as an excuse to do a Ground Pound.
  • #5: "ONORE, DECADE!!!!"
  • #9: Hayami believes that Virgo Zodiarts gave him a warning note. Kengo then shows up on a monitor and reveals that Hayami picked up Shun's love letter that reads "King loves Queen", but Miu misinterpreted and thought it read "There's no love" and rejected him while the Virgo stamp was just to make it look like it was from the Zodiarts. Then the episode ends with the place blowing up after Fourze's countdown because Kengo didn't want them to "disgrace the club any further" all while he gives an epic Troll-like smile that we'll probably never ever see him do again.
    • There's also a brief moment where Hayami remembers that he used to be Kamen Rider Garren. He even had the belt and was just a split second away from transforming.
  • Every time any sentai or rider mentions any outside things (example: H*rry Po**er and the Philosopher St*ne, the movie that was popular when Hurricaneger aired), a bleep plays.
  • When Gokai Silver and Go-On Red ask the reasoning behind Go-Onger and Gokaiger, Urataros and Narutaki decide to talk about why how Dynaman were originally a Baseball Sentai. And while they continue to talk, Shinken Red has just brandished his sword and is looking at it.
  • The fact that the movie got an Honest Trailer. Complete with Jon Bailey as the narrator. Highlights are..