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Funny: Justice League: Doom
  • After Green Lantern saves Batman:
    Green Lantern: That's three you owe me.
    Batman: We keeping score?
    Green Lantern: Not literally.
    Batman: Because if we are, it's 8 to 7, my favor.
  • Also:
    Superman: Maybe I can move the Earth out of the way?
    Batman: If we had a week, I couldn't list all the reasons that won't work.
  • Most of The Flash's dialogue:
    The Flash: You never asked me how my wrist was healing.
    Mirror Master: Fine, how's your...?
    The Flash: (punches him out cold) Surprisingly fast.
    • Also
    Batman: After you.
    Flash: Heh, like you've got a choice.
  • Alfred's sarcasm. That is all.
  • Hal Jordan also fires off some funny lines.
    Green Lantern: All right, now come the warning shots. Give up? Please say no.
    Ten: You'll never catch me, Lantern.
    Green Lantern: Lots of women say that.
    • Given who voices him, it should come as no surprise that even his one-liners are funny, such as the one that follows the above example:
    Green Lantern: Bang. (It's the smart-assed expression and tone of voice that sell it.)
  • During the villains' toast to Vandal Savage: "And his checks cleared, too!"
  • This exchange:
    Superman: None of us would form such plans against you.
    Batman: Then you're damn fools.
  • The League gives Batman a chance to explain himself:
    Batman: If offered the same situation I would do it again.
    Flash: Oh come ON!

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