Funny / Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

  • It starts off with a crowning moment of funny, showing that, despite surviving Nazi attacks and Temple of Dooms, Indy could not work his way around his own college without incurring a series of Disaster Dominoes — including getting conked on the head by a falling totem pole, being slammed through a thin ceiling via a bookcase, confusing a real cat for a statue, and getting startled enough to fall into a coal chute! The Talkie version makes this even funnier.
  • Arnold's the singing Nazi's last words: "YODEL-OOO-URK!"
  • In any dark area, your "look" command is automatically replaced with a "touch" command. And should you actually use this command on Sophia... SLAP!
  • The single best Have a Nice Death message resulting from losing a fist fight ever? Possibly.
    Indy's failure to subdue a sixty-year-old U-Boat captain allowed the Nazis to conquer the world.
  • While in the Monte Carlo hotel room, if you turn off the lights and use the flashlight, Indy starts making shadow puppets on the wall.
    Indy: "And here's Nur-ab-sal."
  • "Is that a ship rib in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"
  • This video:
  • When using the surveyor's transit in Crete, you can see Sophia waving at you if you were looking at her through the sights.