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Funny: Hatoful Boyfriend
Pigeon Magical Girls...yep, it's that kind of series.

  • Seeing that you really do live in a cave... and then you get a text-message.
    • Or the doorbell rings.
  • If you choose to go to the festival with San Oko: His reaction to the fireworks is absolutely priceless.
  • Any time the heroine says something reflecting her barbaric Blood Knight culture... and Kazuaki replies as though that's a perfectly normal thing for her to say.
  • At one point in either Sakuya or Oko San's route, the two of them will be having an argument, and you are given 3 choices. Choosing to side with either Sakuya or Oko will result in our hot-blooded heroine throwing the other out the window. The third option sides with neither and chastise them for their hurling them both out the window. Double Dove Defenestration!
  • Finding out that Ryouta works in a crossdresser cafe after the culture festival.
    • Or, as he is known at said cafe, Coolene.
  • The extra scene you get as a reward for completing the Bad Boy's Love route. Also doubles as much-needed therapy after everything said route puts you through.
    • Oddly enough, there's even one little gem in BBL itself that serves as this, where Sakuya somehow connects Yuuya's computer hacking skills to watching copious amounts of porn...which leads Ryouta to think that maybe he should watch more of it!
  • This wonderful Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei Shout-Out.
  • During Holiday Star the city where the games are set is finally named as part of a things-everybirdie-knows bit, and Hiyoko states that this is the first time she's heard the city's name mentioned! She guesses it never comes up in everyday conversation.
  • While considering the case of the Christmas Thieves, Hiyoko randomly goes OBJECTION! and HOLD IT! complete with familiar graphic, much to Ryouta's dismay.
    "I need to make sure my finger-pointing is sufficiently dramatic for when I need to use it!"
    "Please don't go around pointing and shouting at stuff, you'll give me a heart attack."
  • An employee at a high society department store tries to shoo out Hiyoko, since they don't cater to low-class people like humans. She is incensed.
    OBJECTION! This is blatant speciesism! I hope you're ready to swallow your words or defend them with steel, cretin! Draw, man, draw before I stick you like a rotisserie chicken!
  • One of Ryouta's odd jobs in the winter involves dressing as Santa. With a miniskirt. Hiyoko wants to do it too!
  • There's a segment where the birds answer questions fans sent in. One was directed to their human forms - "What underwear do you all wear?" and the responses...
    Yuuya: "I'm wearing whatever you want me to be, baby."
    Anghel: "On this day of the reckoning, my loins are wrapped in the vestments dyed in the blood of the crimson lotus blossom!"
  • The game itself. You are dating birds. The "birdifed" words only add to the ridiculousness.
  • The ending of HolidayStar's second story is so gloriously absurd it needs to be seen to be believed. To quote one Youtube commenter:
    This is the only game where the following sentence makes any kind of sense: a magazine editor who's secretly a mad scientist threatens to blow up a school for pigeons with a giant laser powered by otaku birds to get revenge on the school doctor, but is stopped by the heroic birds and cavewoman who turn into magical girls and save the day with the power of kindness. ...I think my brain has died.
    • And then there's the fact that the laser starts malfunctioning on its own thanks to the fangirls attached to it getting into a ship war.
  • In Holiday Star, Doctor Shuu takes in Miru and Kaku, who are obsessed with Christmas. The next time you go to the infirmary, the place is full of Christmas decorations and Shuu is wearing a Santa Hat. The player's dialogue only adds to the hilarity:
    "Doctor Shuu? Did you finally get that lobotomy?"
  • The fact that the in-game character images are of actual birds... though they do show human representations of them - except for San, who'se picture is that of a dove in a suit.

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