Heartwarming / Hatoful Boyfriend

  • What Okosan says to Sakuya after the latter discovers that he is not a pure-blood fantail:
    Oko: Sakuya, and Yuuya, and Okosan all have their own wonderful names! Names more important than any breed!
  • The ending of the main story of Holiday Star is this combined with a massive Tear Jerker, with the characters reaffirming the value of life and their determination to return to the world and move on to whatever future awaits them.
  • In an extra in Holiday Star, we see Yuuya learning that Sakuya is in danger of being assassinated. We learn that Sakuya really isn't in that much danger, but Yuuya's concern for his little brother is incredibly touching.
  • Another extra has the King's subjects offering him candies. That's sweet enough, considering that he always looks scared or about to cry, but gets even better: this is after all the subjects have been freed from Holiday Star. They aren't just trying to cheer him up, they're forgiving and accepting him.
  • Doctor Shuu adopting Miru and Kaku as his own children—not in the "future experiment fodder" sense, either, as when the protagonist catches up to him again, Miru and Kaku have redecorated his whole infirmary and he reluctantly let them keep it.
  • Hiyoko's little speech to Yuuya if you choose to meet with him at the temple in Holiday Star.
  • The manga's 12th chapter, which details what life in Hatoful House was like, is this. Knowing what happened to everyone in it also makes it a huge Tear Jerker.
  • In the BBL route, Nageki telling Kazuaki that all he ever wanted was for him to be happy.
  • In Holiday Star, the scene in the ending where Nageki holds Hitori's wing, as they fall.