Funny / Hajime no Ippo

  • Sendoh's first episode has a scene where Takamura mistakes Sendo for Aoki in the showers, tried to grab him, and Sendo counterattacks by grabbing Takamura's cock. Ippo and the others's horrified reactions only made it even funnier.
  • And there's also the multiple date, when after making peace with Kumi Ippo finally gets to go out with her, but ends up terrified because of Mashiba's Big Brother Instinct: that episode is utterly hilarious from the beginning to the end.
    • Especially since out of the four Kamogawa boxers, AOKI is the only one who gets anywhere with his lady, who ends up becoming his girlfriend.
      • Thwe scene where both the cast and the viewers/readers find out makes it even better. Ippo, Takamura and Kimura arrive to the gym in time (and Takamura gets yelled at by Kamogawa for his... antics), but Aoki doesn't. The three are sure that he's had it worse and call him to his apartment to check on him. The one who answers the call? Tomiko, Aoki's date. The guys's faces are priceless.
  • Before Ippo's match with Ryuuichi Hayami, Hayami (a ladykiller with tons of female fans that pack the stadium) is given roses, while the commentator briefly goes over Ippo's background as a high-schooler who helps his mother with their fishing shop. This commentary goes over well with the men in the audience, rooting for the "good son," encouraging him to beat the crap out of the pretty boy and to "go for the face!"; this prompts Hayami's girl fans to cheer him on, telling him to "beat that ugly guy" and "give that momma's boy a KO."
  • The first meeting with Dr. Yamaguchi. Ippo being Ippo is completely flustered by her... and gets a raging stiffy... This is his reaction
  • The karaoke outing. You have to see it... there's no way to describe it and make it justice.
  • Date and Takamura as Combat Commentators. That's all.
  • Miyata and Takamura's training camp.
  • The second beach training arc, from Takamura mistakenly grabbing Aoki's girlfriend down to the infamous bug incident - pure comedy gold. If you're into that.
  • Sendo, Saeki, Mashiba, Okita and Date arguing with each other over who's match with Ippo was the best, with Kumi of all people shutting them up.
  • Imae vs Aoki: Tomiko, Itagaki's dad and Takamura are sitting near each other in the audience. Takamura pokes fun at Aoki's performance and Itagaki's dad makes puns about it, which angers Tomiko, who smacks then both. Later on in the fight, there are times when Itagaki's dad makes an innocent comment or says something that has to do with the fight and Tomiko mistakes it for a pun and smacks him anyway.
  • How about when the gang wrote on Ippo's penis? Who does that?
  • The sparring match with the female TV reporter.
    • For those unaware, a reporting crew comes to the gym and Ippo is asked to spar with their female reporter (much to the jealousy of the other guys). Considering he can't go full power (and even a light hit would probably be bad), he decides to aim for the body. He MISSES, and hits her BOOB. Cue nosebleed and all the guys teasing Ippo. And it only escalates from there...
  • The arm wrestling match. Takamura has the best troll faces!
  • The celebration victory at the beginning of Champion Road. From the return of the karaoke scene to the Kamogawa calling out Takamura, again.
  • After Itagaki's first victory, Ippo goes to have dinner at his house, and he gets to meet his family. Turns out they're a great family, but terrible comedians. While their puns are cringe-worthy, Ippo's reaction to them is hilarious.
  • Nanako vs. Kumi vs. Iimura. The winner? Ippo's mom.
    • Even funnier that Ippo was asleep from his match the whole time, and that Umezawa had to fill him in on what happened.
      Umezawa: I guess... you could call it a draw...
  • When Ippo tries to learn more about Sendo through watching his matches on video. Too bad that the tape he chose, Takamura had taped half of it over with porn.
    • At the end of the tape, we're about to see Sendo's finishing move. Instead, the ending to the porn.
  • After the Sawamura and Makunouchi fight Kumi has a chat with Hiroko about Ippo and his dad. When they finish it becomes late and Kumi decides to leave.
    Hiroko: Nonsense! I'll hail a cab for you!
    Kumi: Oh, you don't have to!
    Hiroko: (looks outside) No. There's a strange man waiting outside.
    Kumi: (Beat) ...that's my brother. (cue Face Fault by Hiroko)
  • The fishing competition in Rising.
    • Even funnier is during the training camp with Miyata, when Takamura makes fun of him for his terrible fishing skill when he's just as bad.
    • Takamura vs. Yagi in a one on one competition. The resident Team Mom looks like he's about to burst a vein!
  • The New Challenger ending credits. If your name is Mashiba, you can do the Flicker jab.
  • Episode 22 of Rising, when Kamogawa and Nekota fight with each other; both past and present.
    • When Nekota invites Yuki to stay over at Kamogawa's place, even though he recently moved in as well.
  • Itagaki needed to train against a boxer who beat him with fouls. Who does he go to? Mashiba. He rejects at first, but then Itagaki mentions Kumi...
    Itagaki: Tell your sister I said hi. She always takes good care of me and senpai.
    Mashiba: ...wait. What do you mean by 'takes care of you'?
    Itagaki: Be seeing you.
    Mashiba: When you say take ca-
    Itagaki: Bye.
    Mashiba: Get in the ring.
  • Sendo trying to ride Sawamura's motorcycle.
  • Sendo makes it to Miyata's gym to spar. At first, Miyata doesn't agree to it, until Sendo smacks him in the head. Miyata agrees, and asks Sendo if he brought any gloves. Which he uses to throw at his head when Sendo goes to search for another pair.
    • Even before that, when Sendo smacked Miyata, Ippo was about to run over to tell him off before being stopped by Itagaki.
    • And after the spar, Sendo's behavior and reaction when his trainer shows up.
  • After a discussion about Kimura's inability to get a girl, Aoki concludes it's because of a lolita complex when he found some anime merchandise hiding under his bed. He deflects it with a lame excuse by saying he has a girlfriend. No one but Ippo buys it.
    • After a brief discussion about Kimura's lack of a girlfriend, Aoki calls him. He says that he'll show them some other time, just as he walks past them holding a little girl's hand, surprising everyone in a big misunderstanding. The next chapter shows him coming out of a police station.
  • Sendo successfully grabbing and creating a legion of cats that follow him while he visits Ippo in Tokyo.
  • Chapters 943 and 944. Takamura gets into a bar fight with Sendo, Mashiba, Saeki, Okita and a drunk Date.
  • Ippo and Kumi's two Almost Kiss moments.
    • one of which is found in 850 ippo slips on a random sled that so happened to be there and has her right underneath him they lean in for the kiss... Only for ippo to kiss the concrete... Because the sled kumi is on has started moving down the hill. The event causes Kumi to react in extreme anger to anything that involves a slope or slipping for the next few chapters.
  • The arm wrestling match. "The righteous...lost."
  • Aoki's Look Away technique against his Not So Different opponent. Even the entire crowd was fooled!
  • An English dub-only example, but Geneon included bloopers on the first 3 or so volumes of the American release. Some of the lines by Eddie Frierson (as Takamura "I got 78 more episodes with this chump?") and Richard Epcar (as Kamogawa "KNOCK HIS <BLEEP!> HEAD OFF!") are pretty damn funny.
  • The interaction between Sendo and his trainer Yanaoka. Yanaoka understands Sendo, and will do things like calling Kamogawa gym ahead of time to give Sendo a place to stay overnight when Sendo forgets about the time difference between Japan and America and leaves a day too early to watch Vorg's televised fight, and telling Kamogawa NOT to let Sendo train, because Sendo would end up demanding a spar with Ippo which would only lead until both of them getting injured.
  • The Flicker can be used for more than just punching dudes in the face.