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Funny: Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer
  • "Grandpa's Gonna Sue the Pants Off of Santa" is sort of hilarious in a way, especially the deadpan voice in the background spouting out random Spanish and Latin lines such as "No pantalones!" and "Vamanos!".
  • The introduction to the completely out-of-nowhere "Grandma's Spendin' Christmas with the Superstars" number:
    Mel: It's right in these papers, all you have to do is sign.
    Grandpa: Sing?
    Mel: No, sign.
    Grandpa: Sure!
    Mel: So SIGN!
    Grandpa: I'd rather sing!
  • "Your share as Grandpa's financial advisor is.....'woof'." "WOOF?!?!"
  • The whole special—if not for the cheesy Plot Holes, how Narmy everyone acts, and the shoehorned fruitcake 'jokes'.
    • It's pure unadulterated Narm Charm. Most people would be lying if they said they didn't enjoy the hell out of this show.
  • "I'm Grandma! And I'm not missing! I'm right here."
    • "That woman is a fraud! Grandma doesn't know who she is!" Cue massive Face Palm from I.M. Slime.
  • As Cousin Mel is admitting to everything she'd done in court, the way she offhandedly states "I'm behind this evil trial" is hilarious.
  • Grandma getting run over again.

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