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Funny: Good Burger
  • Dexter trying (and failing miserably) to make a Mondo Burger.
    Griffin: Bun! Patty! Toppings! Sauce! Assemble!
  • Ed trying to fix the milkshake machine.
    Ed: Strawberry Jacuzzi!
  • The first meeting between Ed and Dexter, who was trying to remember where he's seen Ed before.
    Dexter: I could've sworn I've seen you somewhere before.
    Ed: Maybe I'm someone famous like a baseball player or a pretty nurse!
    Dexter: WHAT!? What are you talking about!?
    Ed: Okay, I give up. Who am I?
    Dexter: I don't know who you are or where I've seen you before or why you think you're an attractive nurse!
  • Ed's first encounter with Kurt.
    Dexter: Check it, Ed, it's the Mondo Idiot!
    Ed: Oh, nice to meet you, Mondo Idiot, I'm Ed.
    Kurt: Well, Ed, you better watch your butt man!
    Ed: Okay.
    (Tries and ends up spinning around and around)
    Ed: I give up. There's no way a guy can watch his own butt.
  • Ed in general.
  • "Is it because I'm black?"
  • Nearly everything by Abe Vigoda's character, Otis.
    Otis: I need a hot Jacuzzi! *passes out*

    Troy: Who are you?
    Otis: Yer mama! Who are you?

    Otis: Could someone get me to a hospital? I think I broke my ass.

    Heather: They're coming! We'd better hurry!
    Otis: Don't have to tell me twice. *Supermans out window*
  • The Connie Muldoon sequence.
  • Dexter tries to play cards with three patients. But one of them keeps eating the cards, one keeps hitting his head with a ping pong paddle, and one keeps poking at Dexter.
  • "It's okay, people! HER BUTT...IS FINE!!!"
  • "Look! I'm Grape Nose Boy!"
  • "I hate to do this, I hate to put a black man in jail!"
  • The "Chariots of Fire" music playing during the slow-motion scene of Dexter and Ed running towards Shaq and hugging him.
  • When Troy and Griffen tear off Ed and Dexter's old lady disguises - and Ed is wearing lingerie underneath his.
  • The scene where Ed pours the chemical into the meat supply and Mondo Burger becomes "a victim of its own foul play".
    • "Kurt's going to jail, Kurt's going to jail, Kurt's going to jail, jail, jail..."
  • When Dexter gives Mr. Wheat half the money he owes him for the accident and says, "En-JOY your car!"...just after his recently repaired car was crushed by the giant burger from Mondo Burger's roof.
  • When Mr. Bailey asks Dexter how long he's worked in fast food and he replies "Nearly two days!"

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