Funny / Gail Kim

  • Revealing she was a fluent French speaker to Maryse and hadn't been fooled by her trash talking at all. The icing on the cake was the mock hand-flip (one of Maryse's signature taunts).
  • Her put-down to the Bella Twins?
    "Since there are no guest hosts around, you guys really have nothing to do"
  • Not intentionally funny but seriously how do you mess up throwing a bucket of glitter at Vickie Guerrero? The poor woman nearly got concussed with the bucket too.
  • Her Les Yay friendship with Madison Rayne is hysterical, culminating in a segment that reminds one very much of a marriage proposal where Gail buys Madison a brand new tiara claiming "you've always been the queen".
  • From the 2004 WWE Divas: South of the Border DVD: Attached to the link for Molly Holly's chapter in the menu is an Easter Egg of Molly and Gail throwing darts at what is revealed to be a promotional photo of Trish Stratus.