Awesome / Gail Kim

  • She lost the 1st Annual Women's Elite 8 of World Xtreme Wrestling but she did eliminate 2/3rds of the Killer Babes before the semifinals.
  • Making Victoria tap out with her Christo submission hold on the May 3, 2004 Raw. This was such an impressive feat at the time that even Jerry Lawler put it over on commentary.
    Lawler (absolute seriousness): "Gail Kim made Victoria tap out. WOW!"
  • Becoming the first Women's Knockout champion and taking the fight to Awesome Kong and not stepping down one bit in their feud. To put things in perspective, Kong outweighs her by about 130 pounds and had destroyed everyone in her path to becoming KO champion. But Gail kept on fighting, never backing down one bit, using her speed and agility and high flying techniques to wear her down and was the first person to beat her one on one.