YMMV / Gail Kim

  • Broken Base:
    • Her final match with WWE. Gail Kim was in a Diva's Battle Royale, and she decided to eliminate herself and walk out the match. She later stated that she did this to see if anyone in the back actually cared. Fans were divided over whether this was a well deserved Take That! at management or if Gail Kim was being unprofessional.
    • Gail's pushes when she returned to TNA are very divisive. Her fans loved that she was getting pushed after being completely wasted in WWE, and that the resulting matches were usually of a high quality. Her feud with Taryn Terrell, for example, resulted in some of the most physically intense Knockouts matches to date, giving Taryn's transition from referee to wrestler major credibility, and she's also had quality matches with the likes of Mickie James, Jessicka Havok, Jade, one encounter with Rosemary, and even revisited her classic rivalry with Awesome Kong. On the other hand, others felt that the push at times tended to be overblown on several instances, turning her into something of a Creator's Pet (see below on that one).
  • Creator's Pet: In TNA during her second run. She immediately came back and won the Knockouts Tag Team titles within three weeks (with no storyline behind it). Two weeks later she held the Knockouts title again, cutting short the reign of Velvet Sky who had been built up to be TNA's next big face (her reign lasted five weeks and she was missing from two weeks of TV). Even after losing the title, she was rarely beaten cleanly when TNA usually has no problem getting tenured Knockouts to put others over. She continued to dominate storylines to the degree where a program for the title was relegated to a subplot — so Gail's feud with the referee could take centre stage. This has lessened considerably in recent years, with Gail not being continually at the top of the division and putting over other Knockouts; however, her continued prominence in storylines caused Maria Kanellis to become Unintentionally Sympathetic in 2016 with a small pocket of the fanbase who felt that longtime prominent mainstays such as Gail and Velvet Sky were holding back the progression of several talented new Knockouts at a time when the division needed fresh blood.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • In one early 2003 match, Coach used an interestingly worded sentence "Gail Kim has yet to taste defeat here in WWE". Funny considering she would eventually name her finisher "Eat Defeat".
    • During a throwaway segment in which Daniel Bryan danced with all the face Divas. He was dancing with one of the Bella Twins and then moved on to dancing with Gail. Accidental Foreshadowing perhaps…
  • Les Yay: With Madison Rayne though it kind of came out of nowhere.
  • Minority Show Ghetto: In WWE at least. She was the first Women's Champion to be of Korean descent - but she held the title for five weeks, got Demoted to Extra and never achieved that kind of prominence again. But averted with a vengeance in TNA - where she was pushed as the figurehead of the Knockouts division and her feud with Awesome Kong proved to be a huge ratings draw for the company.
  • Never Live It Down:
    • That infamous match with Gail Kim and Mickie James where Gail botched the finish (to be fair, she had been legitimately knocked for a loop after a bump). It's rumored that was the reason WWE never really pushed her again.
    • She's also not likely to live down her famous exit from WWE where she eliminated herself from a battle royal. Although she has gone onto better things upon her TNA return, it's one thing that's always brought up if she's mentioned.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Around the time of her feud with Taryn Terrell, she stopped getting pushed to the moon and stayed away from the title picture for a while. She also put over other Knockouts like Jessicka Havok and Taryn again, de-emphasising her Invincible Hero schtick. Respect has grown for her as she has continued to stay with TNA over the years while many other company regulars have departed.
  • Strangled by the Red String: A non-romantic example. When she returned to TNA, she and Madison Rayne were suddenly best friends complete with Les Yay tendencies. The two had no history and Madison hadn't even been in the company the last time Gail was. Granted, this was likely due to Karen Jarrett's influence more than anything else, but still...
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: This trope sums up her second WWE run. Stellar matches on Raw, Smackdown and Superstars but was never pushed in any meaningful way.