Funny: Figure It Out

The original

  • As his first question at the start of a game, Marc Weiner asked the contestant if he liked imitation maple syrup, which unsurprisingly got a '"no". When Danny's turn came up he used his first question to ask the contestant if he thought that Marc was a dipstick. Unsurprisingly the contestant answered "yes".
  • Danny and Lori Beth got slimed so many times throughout the series for increasingly mundane actions.
  • Every single time Kevin Kopelow gets his first question in each round in all if not almost episodes he is in.
    • Any time Kevin gives an obviously wrong answer if he's stumped by a contestant's talent. Once, he guessed a pair of family members were "Abducted By Aliens in a Wisconsin Corn Field".The answer was "Carved Maze in Wisconsin Corn Field"
  • In one of the episodes where Josh Server was guest as a panelist, asked the contestant if she 'was the first girl who thought that Danny was cute'. Her response was 'No' who also got a response that that sounded so mean, and just after that Josh answered 'I love Danny so much', he hugged Danny and both of them got slimed.
    • After that, Danny asks for more slime and gets his wish. Danny then yells, "That went right down my pants!"
  • When Josh hams up his moments in the panel.
  • One episode had the entire panel guessing no words on Billy. When it came time for final guesses, Danny, who went last, took one look at the board and told the contestant, "Have a good time in Jamaica."
  • The secret slime actions on the episode where then-Steelers quarterback Kordell Stewart was a guest panelist: "Being a Quarterback" and "Still Being a Quarterback".
  • Brian "Nasty" Knobbs saying he won't get slimed when the secret slime action happened to be "Being a Nasty Boy".
  • In one round, Josh asks a contestant "Do you think I'm pretty?" which gets a "no" response. Later on, the Clue Recap shows the contestant doesn't think Josh is pretty. Danny says, "I do!"

The revival

  • Two funny moments took place in episode 536 (not saying the title in case some want to play along):
  • In another episode, Lulu performed the secret slime action and got slimed - just as she was saying the Word of Honor.
  • In another episode, the secret slime action was wearing socks. Everyone got slimed - except Ciara Bravo. Cue the other panelists trying desperately to find out whether or not Ciara was wearing socks or not.
  • In one episode, Jennette McCurdy refused to take her clue (a pair of shoes) out of the box fearing she would get slimed. Ironically, the Secret Slime Action was "Not Having a Clue". She managed to leave her seat before the slime hit, but Jeff went over to the panel and forced her back to her seat so she could get hit. It's made funnier by Noah Crawford chanting "Get her, get her" as Jeff tried to grab her.