Trivia: Figure It Out

Other fun tibdits:
  • The slime of the original series was made of colorant, vanilla pudding and water. In the second season onwards, they added more water to it for fluency in the liquid.
  • The first season has a notoriety where the first round prizes were props of former Nickelodeon shows filmed in Nickleodeon Studios in Florida, especially the game shows such as Nickelodeon GUTS and its sequel, Global GUTS, Double Dare and even All That before moving production to New York and finally moving to Los Angeles.
  • The original version is one of the last 22-minute Nickelodeon game shows produced in Florida. They filmed at least 4 episodes at the same day. You can count on it more obviously in the clothes changes of Summer as the host in the first season, given that the audience rotated as soon as the people were waiting in line outside the studios. Normally, a season of more or less 40 episodes was filmed/taped in two-three weeks.note